CTCMath Homeschool Membership {Review}

If you have been following along with our homeschool stuff you will know that we are doing a lot  with reading, writing and math this year. You know, the basics! I have been curious as to what else is out there for math as the kids were getting restless with the books we have been using. Online has been an interesting thing this year so far for the kids, so I was excited to try out Homeschool Membership from CTCMath.

CTCMath Review

One thing that I automatically liked about this program was that you could use all the grades that they have, at any time. So, for example, we were able to start out with a little review of an earlier grade and then go full blast in another grade. And when that actually wasn’t challenging enough we could dapple in other grades! It really worked out well for us!

As you log in after setting up your account, you are basically at your dashboard. This is your home screen. All of the information is right there. Students are listed on the right and the latest tasks are listed on the left. Under the students section, the parents are listed. ctcmath home screenIt is a very simple format, but for me, after first logging in, I wasn’t quite sure what to do next. There weren’t any real directions. I played around and ended up figuring it out pretty easily.

In the students section on the right there, you can add more students with the little plus sign with a child in the white circle. And if you wanted to add new tasks you can just use the plus sign on the latest tasks section. The other button next to that is where you go to manage your tasks. On the new task screen, it will look like this:

ctcmath new task

You can click on when the task(s) start and stop and other information…I tried it a few different ways. I started out doing it so that it assigned one day and was due the next. Well, for us that was a little cumbersome, so I changed it to where I would load all of the tasks on a Sunday night and have it due the following Friday night. It worked out so much better!

You can see at the bottom you can add lessons or diagnostic tests. I started out by doing mostly diagnostic tests and then filled in with lessons once I figured out where they should be. You can then add the recipients that you want for that task. Again, at the beginning I had everyone kind of staggered as to different tasks, and then towards the end decided that it would be just as good to have them all on the same task.

ctcmath lesson exampleYou can switch to student view from your dashboard, which is what I did here to be able to see this lesson. This particular lesson starts out with a video. Now..I have to be honest…the best thing about the videos is the narrator as it is an Australian man and I have always loved that accent…ha! Anyway, once you get past that, he does a great job in explaining the lesson and showing exactly what needs to be done and the reasoning. All of the videos were pretty short and easy to follow.

This lesson also had questions that you could fill in as well as a worksheet option that you could print out. My kids all did their work on their own computers and for some reason the wifi printing isn’t the greatest from their computers…so what I had them do was do the work on a separate piece of paper and take note of the answers that way. It had the same effect. If they did both the questions and the worksheet, or just one or the other, the grades would be noted and could be viewed in the progress report.

Everything is quite thorough and it really makes sure you know the work before going on. It has been a favorite of the kids and I was surprised because none of them are very fond of math. I think they get that from me. 😛 But sometimes maybe I don’t explain things the way that they would want them to be explained, so hearing it explained as well as seeing the problem be done at the same time makes this a great combination.

The Homeschool Membership is available for one student or as a family plan for two or more students! The single plan is $11.97 monthly or $78.80 for the year. The family plan is $15.97 monthly or $118.80 for the year. There is also a six month choice.

If you feel like you want to check out what other families thought of CTCMath, feel free to click the banner below! 🙂

CTCMath Review

CTCMath Homeschool Membership {Review}

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