Thursday Things

Here we are, another Thursday in the books. Fall is around the corner, although it has been warmer here than it should be for this time of year, in my opinion…grrr. But, enough with the negative, today is for Thursday Things, where we talk about the good things about the fast week. Right?? 🙂 So, let’s do this!!

car-accidentWhy would I be happy about this here car accident? Because nobody was seriously hurt. The way we were hit, it could have been so much worse. We were in the middle of a funeral procession and we weren’t going very fast and the person that hit us had just started going from a red light, so while he was going fast enough to do damage, it wasn’t too fast. Jeffy got a bump on the head and sore ribs and the next couple days had soreness by his fusion in his back and I just got a little jostled because I was sitting differently it was a weird sideways hit…but that’s it, thank goodness.


I have tried almost all of the Kringles that Trader Joe’s sells…but I had never seen this one before! Pumpkin caramel, are you kidding me? I barely saw it as it was the last one left. Sure, it was a tad smushed, but really, that didn’t affect the taste at all. This thing was so tasty! Kyle and I were eating it throughout the week until I noticed that I had gained a couple extra pounds, so…….lol.

Image result for blacklist season 3

Shortly after asking on facebook about netflix suggestions for a ‘suspenseful’ type show, we realized that Blacklist season 3 was added! Score! It had been ages since we finished season 2, so we had to watch the last episode again to remember where we left off. This is definitely one of Jeffy’s favorite shows!


Found out this week that Jeffy’s mom got her tickets to come visit! She will be here almost all of December! She comes on my birthday too, which is fun! 🙂 I am wondering what sort of fun things we can do in the cooler weather! Of course at this rate, it will finally be in the 70’s then. 😛 lol

This has been playing so often on my phone that I can’t help but like it.. It has such a great beat and easy to sing along with, because lets face it, you sing along with songs. 😉 It’s also a great song to make up your own lyrics to, lol.

So, that’s what was good about my week this week, let me know what was good about your week! 🙂

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