3 Seeds by Chara Games {Review}

A while back I did a review for a board game from Chara Games called Commissioned. You can read that here if you’d like… In the review I mentioned that they were coming out with another game called 3 Seeds, and sure enough they did! I was very happy to get this game as I think they have great products!
3 Seeds by Chara Games
With Commissioned, that was a pretty involved game that took a while to set up, had a pretty thorough set up time and play time was on the longer side. With 3 Seeds, it is a card game and there aren’t that many pieces in the little box at all!

We opened the box and followed the set up directions as given. There is even a suggested layout that we pretty much adhered to once we saw that. I will admit, I thought it would be easier to figure this game out since it was a card game, but there is also strategy involved, so it takes a little bit to figure out how to play.

We watched the gameplay video on the website and that definitely helped. Some of the kids were unsure of exactly what they were doing still, but we decided to just try it and see what happened. That is usually how we learn to play games anyway, ha!
3 Seeds by Chara GamesWhat you see in the picture is basically all of the stuff that comes in the box. Mostly cards, a scorecard, directions, and some scoring pieces. That’s it! Very little set up at all, mostly just separating the cards, which if you put them away nicely, they are already done. Setup takes just minutes once you do it the first time.

Everyone basically has a set up like this one in front of them. The cards are different for each person so the game is different every time. The phrase for the game is Reap where you sow, and that is basically the theme of the game as well. When it is your turn you have to figure out where you are going to play your cards: Time, Money or Labor. You can play them on your card, or any other game members cards.

This is where the strategy comes in.. If you time it right, it could be great…but if you time it bad, you could give your neighbor the opportunity to win. It doesn’t even stop there! Some of the other cards are in play as well in the game, and after, so as you are adding up points, you may be surprised at who the winner is!
3 Seeds by Chara GamesAll in all, I was very surprised that this small little card game had as much strategy as it did. Everyone that was playing was having a great time as we were playing.

Like Commissioned, it is a Christian game, but there isn’t really much in the way of Christianity in 3 Seeds as much as the other one. I do like the general idea of the game though. You can purchase it on Amazon for around $18. I think that is a great price…

I am going to keep my eye out for future games released by this company, I think they have a good thing going! 🙂

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