My 2016 in seconds every day

My 2016 in seconds every day

As most of you know if you follow me on Instagram, I do a daily picture of the day. I follow a prompt given by a group on there and find something throughout the day that goes with that word. I love it because it gets me taking pictures of things that I normally wouldn’t take a picture of sometimes. For 2016 I decided to do a little video. One second of every day of the year. Mostly just daily life, things around the house, nothing fancy. I want to look back on it down the road and just remember how life was. Sometimes these little clips show more than a picture could, and vice versa. So, that is why I am going to continue both into 2017. Does anyone else do either of these? If you are curious, here is my 2016 in seconds every day.

I love the silly thumbnail they picked out, I mean, come on now, lol. Our lives are pretty easy going and revolve a lot with our birds and other animals. I think this little video portrays that pretty well!

I also love the show of seasons a little bit. I am hoping we get snow this year, just for some variety in my little seconds! Or maybe another beach trip. Or…goodness, who knows! I do think that 2017 is going to be an interesting ride. So many possibilities at this point! It’s rather exciting and we are curious as to how it will go!

My favorite part is when I load up the Timehop app and it shows what happened on that day in the past with my pictures. I can nod my head and remember it exactly! And with the little video clips I can sometimes hear a voice or song in the background, something that will bring me back to that place also!

Please let me know if you are doing a picture of the day on instagram or the one second a day thing! I’d love to follow your journey if you post them!


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