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In case you haven’t noticed, Christmas has gone.. Well, so has new years, but that’s not what we are talking about here folks. I figured this was an ok post to do because how many of you still have your Christmas decorations up? I thought so! In the spirit of sharing, I thought I would let you know six favorite online retailers that we used this past Christmas.

I had to wait until after Christmas to post this as I wanted to see how well the gifts and things were received. Doesn’t that make sense? See, I’m using that thing inside my skull.. Now, some of these may have affiliate links, but honestly, I wouldn’t share them if I didn’t love them. If you are against them, feel free to find the link yourself and purchase that way. :shrug: It’s all good, I am just passing on info, lol.

Now, of course we used places like Amazon and Target, but I do try and shop small when we can. I do love buying unique gifts and always try to throw something unique in if I am getting a few gifts for someone.
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  1. Hollar. I have posted about Hollar a few times on my facebook page. I was so hesitant to use this for the first time, I thought it was a scam. But then I saw someone I knew post about buying stuff from there with no problems so I thought why not try it! This place is so fun! And cheap! You sign up and you get a credit, bang, you can put one thing in your cart and just pay shipping on it if that is your thing. But I used it for the first time months ago when we were still getting licensed for fostering. I got a few baby toys and that sort of thing. One time I shared it on facebook and someone let me know that they had Essie nail polish. What?? I didn’t even notice. So, this place has kitchen stuff, kid stuff, beauty stuff…and I am pretty sure everything starts at $2. They have recently been getting in some higher priced items, but the brands that they are make up for the price increase! And by higher priced, I mean like $10, lol. I did get a few things for stocking stuffers this year as well as some smaller gifts to go along with larger gifts. You can use my link and automatically get $2 to use towards a purchase. They also have free shipping over $25, which that can be a ton of items, if you shop right!
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  2. Tree Hut. Shopping for Jeffy is hard. All year we have a ‘want list’ on the fridge so that if there is something you want you can put it on there. It is great for birthdays and Christmas as well as just small gifts throughout the year if the item is on the smaller side. When I first looked at Jeffy’s list it consisted of: a meat thermometer. That’s it. Okayyy. Well, I was trying to find something that I could get him and I found Treehut. The ad showed watches made of wood. I thought that was pretty cool. I found one that had both a dark wood and one a little lighter, so that he could wear it with more things. I wasn’t sure how it was going to go over with him, but Jeffy loved it. He has gotten complements on it already even though he only wears it on certain occasions. They also have sunglasses! You can use my link and get $15 off your next purchase.
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  3. BlueQ. I think I have mentioned this place a time or two in the past as they have been included in fun little giveaways that I have done. I will always buy their products. I love that their bags are made almost completely from recycled materials and 1% of the sales go towards the Nature Conservancy. Love that! Their socks are hilarious, some I just couldn’t wear, but I can still laugh at…hehee.. And 1% of the sale of their socks goes towards Doctors without Borders. But they sell other fun things, their Lavatory Mists are a great idea for any household, they have tins, mints and gum…just some very unique things! I am crushing on their new unicorn bags right now! They have free shipping on orders of $75.
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  4. FlavorGod.This place is all about spices. We try to cook at least one big meal each day around here. Sometimes it is an old stand-by meal or sometimes it is something new! I got Jeffy some of these spices because I kept hearing great things about them. They are ground fresh right before shipping. I think that’s pretty cool. Most of them are savory, but there are a couple sweet flavors as well. When I ordered, I also got an e-recipe book. I haven’t yet looked at it closely, but at first glance there were some recipes that I was excited about. They definitely smell unlike any other spices when I opened them to smell them! I am going to keep following them to watch for any new product releases!
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  5. JustSpices. Um…yeah, we like spices around here, did I mention that? I ordered these for myself, so I am calling them girly spices. They definitely have other spices though, for meats and eggs and such, don’t get me wrong…lol. I ordered three different ones. One for my smoothie, one for oatmeal and one for pancakes. As of now I have only tried the one for smoothies. I think it is fantastic! I use flax in my drinks and sometimes the nutty taste that I am not overly fond of masks the taste of the fruit that I use. This spice brings out the fruity taste again. And you only need ¼ tsp as it packs a punch! I am looking forward to trying the other two flavors soon! Not that I need a reason to have pancakes…. You can use my code to get $10 off!
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  6. EcoSphere. These are pretty awesome.. It is a totally enclosed ecosystem. I got this for Kyle as he tends to like these kinds of things. When I was first looking at them, I noticed that the delivery date was going to be December 20th so I thought I should order asap! Welll, a short time later I got the box. These can’t be in the dark that long, so I had to take them out of the box and keep them on my dresser. Not sure how he didn’t see them as he gets in Jeffy’s sock drawer all the time… But no, he was surprised! So basically what his looked like is just a round glass ball. Inside was a little branch, some pebbles and little sea monkey type things. The sun creates algae and the little critters eat that. You can also use a magnet to help clean the glass if it gets to that point. I hear of people that have their little shrimps for years and years! It will be interesting to hear how long these last…


Well, these six favorite online retailers are all I have for now, as our internet has been so intermittent lately I figure I should go ahead and post this while I have a chance to! Let me know if you have any unique stores that you like to shop at, I would love to get a head start on some possible gifts! J

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