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This is my first Thursday Things of the new year!! Goodness, and here it is half way to February! I hope everyone has had a lot of things to like about this previous week. I would hope that you would join me in thinking of five things each week that you liked. Even if you don’t put them in a blog post or anything, I think that even just looking back over the week and picking out five good things will do wonders. 🙂 So, here’s what I liked about this past week!

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I went back to AZ for a few days. I wish it could have been longer, but due to our vehicle situation I had to be back earlier. 🙁 But I was able to see family! I don’t have any other pics than this one, but I was happy to see everyone. My brother Robert I hadn’t seen in 2-3 years so I am glad he made the trip from Tucson.. 🙂

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Ok, I bought these as a last minute thing…and woah… I am so glad I did, lol. They are so yummy! There aren’t that many in a box and they don’t last very long in our house. I didn’t share at first but then I had Ryan try them and then Jeffy tried them….well, I need to go back to Trader Joe’s, lol.

You guys, if you travel at all, look into getting the TSA precheck.. It was so much faster. Not having to stand in the long line and also not having to take everything out of bags. I don’t travel often at all, but this one thing made my trip so much better. 🙂

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I am not sure how I packed all of my liquids and such in my little quart size clear bag, but I did! Although I did have a little cream stuck in a backpack bag that they didn’t say anything about. But I was running out of soap on my stay and the cream was not the most convenient to use..So I ran to the store and got some soap and lotion from the Soap & Glory brand. Everything smelled great, which is huge for me. And it wasn’t greasy which is also a plus. I will look at more of their products.. 🙂

This song is from like…2013, but it played quite a bit this week. It is so catchy and I love it. I love rediscovering old favorites.

So that is my Thursday Things that I enjoyed about this past week! What are things that you enjoyed? They don’t even have to be things, they could be moments! Moments are definitely great…

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