Samurai Sam’s Revisited…

Wow.. Well, I have written before about Samurai Sam’s. This is Samurai Sam’s Revisited… lol. You can read one blog post here if you’d like. Basically, Lauren has sensory issues and most of them are with food. No, she’s just not picky… :insert eyeroll: I know fellow sensory parents can understand that…

I had mentioned previously how Lauren has limited food items for meals, she basically eats the same meals every day, or every other day. In Arizona she would eat rice with Samurai Sam’s sauce at least once a week. We might have gone to the restaurant or had a bottle at home to use.

As I brought up in the above blog post, after we moved it was just hard to get sauce anymore! That totally limited Lauren’s meal choices. Thankfully we have friends and family still in Arizona that are willing to ship us bottles. It may be two bottles, it may be nine bottles. Every now and again she gets a case, which is 12 bottles!

Jeffy’s mom had shipped Lauren a case for a present this past Christmas. We had been out of it for a few months and she knew how much Lauren liked it. She told me how much is cost to ship and I flipped! Well, not literally, ouch…ha! But it is seriously expensive!

We were excited for her to open it come Christmas morning because she loves it so much! But little did we know that Lauren was going to get ANOTHER case delivered around the same time!

Samurai Sam's sauce

This package came from the same VP person that talked to me all those years ago.. I couldn’t believe it! A little card with a handwritten note was included as well! The thought that went into this was so wonderful!

Lauren had no idea what to think of having 24 bottles of Samurai Sam’s sauce! You can bet she had rice the next day, that’s for sure, lol.

I had to do a retake from the pic on the blog post that I linked above because it was just asking for it. It’s kind of overwhelming! And yeah, she has an almost empty bottle in her hands like the other one too, lol. I am telling you, this stuff doesn’t last long around here.

Lauren with Samurai Sam's Sauce

This was just so amazing that someone would go out of their way to send Lauren a case of this sauce. Jeffy’s mom did it with a huge shipping fee and a complete stranger that doesn’t know us at all did it. I know things could be worse than just having sensory issues, but when it comes to food choices and being limited to just a few things, this definitely makes a difference in all of our lives…

Thank you to anyone out there who has ever sent Lauren sauce. We all appreciate it!!!

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