Foster care update

I have gotten a few messages on various social media accounts asking if there is a foster care update. I guess I can kind of do an update?

foster care

The reason why that is a question is because there really isn’t much to update! Before we got licensed we got asked to take in a child. They needed daily transport to a city that is about 40 minutes away. I would have had to go there twice a day. With Ryan’s college schedule it just wasn’t going to work since at that time he didn’t have his drivers license yet and I was driving him to college and back.

We got licensed in September of last year. The following month we did respite care for a baby girl for about a week. Her foster parents had to take a trip and couldn’t take her with as they were leaving shortly after getting her. I love the foster parents, they are great people, so it was nice to meet and get to know them!

Then there was another child that was possibly going into care through our county. He had health issues that we just couldn’t do because of the way our house is and no extra rooms downstairs. I wish we could have made it work as we aren’t opposed to health issues or anything. This is why we either need to move or get our remodel done asap!

Apparently our county hasn’t had very many kids come into care these last few months, which is fantastic!! The neighboring counties are full of children though. It’s weird how that happens!

So, we will be waiting here in case we are needed! Talking about doing some credit hours to keep our license active as you need a certain amount each year or two. We don’t want it to sneak up on us all at once and have us scrambling.

That’s the update! I know it isn’t much, but I thought it would be easier to mention it here than type it out numerous times.. Yeah, I am kinda lazy. 😉

That’s our foster care update! I will update again if there are any changes!!

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  1. Kelly says:

    Are you doing soring training? We will be there.

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