Saturday snippets

It has been a while since I did a Saturday snippets post so I figured, why not? I have a to-do list that is really quite long, but that can be ignored for a little bit, right? I also have a cat on my lap that I don’t want to bother, so y’all know how that goes. Well, those of you that have cats. 😉


If you don’t know what a Saturday snippets post is…I basically just list some of the interesting/cool/funny things that I have seen on the internet this week. Because sometimes you just need a break at looking at random stuff…get a drink, hot or cold, and hang out for a few! 🙂

  1. This story ends not in the way that I thought it was, but wow… :sigh:
  2. All of my kids are teens.. I agree with this post on teens. I am enjoying the teen years much more than what society has me expecting I would…
  3. This teen has a syndrome that causes him to not stop growing. Finding size 28 shoes was expensive. Check it out..
  4. I love nature. And beautiful lighting. This combines the two wonderfully. 🙂 All in Alaska.
  5. I love the idea of sending these boxes to people I care about. What a great idea!
  6. Want to know the secret to a happy life? You may already know it…
  7. I remember seeing this a year or so ago, but it has resurfaced. School remember them, right? Check out what they look like in other countries.
  8. It’s amazing what happens when people think of kids and their families. And yay, to this school principal in Raleigh!
  9. I know duct tape fixes all sorts of things, but what it does here is quite inspiring!
  10. And I know almost everyone saw these two boys wanting the same haircut

Sooo, those are my ten things for this week. Not as much funny haha stuff this go around, but I guess it changes all the time. We will see what I see next time.

I hope everyone had a great week and for those of you that are changing time this weekend, I’m sorry. I still can’t get why we are still doing it.. I say, change 30 minutes and keep it that way forever. 😉

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