I hate toothaches!

I hate toothaches!

I went to the dentist in February… All clear! Yay! I even get comments that my teeth are good and she wishes everyone was as easy for cleaning…

And then I get an awful toothache. Here I am thinking that I got a tortilla chip stuck in there somewhere…

Nope.. Turns out one of my very very very old cavities that I had filled had issues and now I need a root canal. :sigh:

I hate toothaches!

This will be my second one.. The first one happened shortly after we moved here.

And he can’t see me until next week. So I have antibiotics and pain pills to last until then. I am trying not to take the pain pills very often but dang it hurts!

Dental issues are like my kryptonite.

Thankfully I have gotten used to going in for my cleaning every six months like a good and faithful adult…so it isn’t as bad.. But I had three children with no pain meds and here I am freaking out over a toothache. Whatever..

I can’t wait to get it fixed and will try to not use the whole bottle of pain pills. He said the antibiotics will help with the pain once they start working..

I hate taking pills in general but especially this combo. Ugh.

Looking forward to next Wednesday! Kinda. Sorta. Yeah.

I hate toothaches.

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