Once Upon A Time Bibles {Review}

Most everyone I know enjoys Disney stories and movies… The artwork in these two Bible books will be familiar to those Disney fans! Once Upon A Time Bibles are both drawn to have a friendly look that children will love!
First is the Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible. You can tell just by the cover the way the characters are made to look friendly to little kids. This book is great quality, very well made and the cover is thick!

There are 144 pages in this book, which makes it something you can read a little each night if you wanted! It is broken down into Old and New Testaments. Rather than books of the Bible though, it is done by major stories that happened. They will more than likely be familiar ones to you and possibly your child but some of them may not be!
Storybook BibleThere is the familiar Noah’s Ark and the not so common Zacchaeus the Tax Collector! Each little story is on average only about four pages long which would be a great night time story!

At the beginning of each story is a Bible verse that is about the story.. Then there is the story and the pictures and at the end is a little summary of the story. It’s a great tool for reinforcing what was just read!

This Once Upon A Time Storybook Bible is available at Sam’s Club or wherever books are sold.

The other one, the Once Upon A Time Holy Bible,  is for older kids that will appreciate having their own Bible, but yet having some drawings and stories as well. This is a typical Bible with over 100 pages and it is the NIrV version.
Once Upon a Time Holy BibleInterspersed every so often are a few illustrated pictures along with a story. There are six of these within the Bible. They are drawn by the same person as the Storybook Bible, Omar Aranda.

Once Upon a Time Bible

I think this is a great introduction for older children to a regular Bible!

Whether you have a smaller child or an older one, you should be able to find that one of these will work for what you want! They are enjoyable for parents too! 😉

This one comes in a more typical book style as well as an imitation leather one!

This Once Upon A Time Holy Bible is available where books are sold.

At the bottom of both books it reiterates that the Bible is not a fairy tale, and that every great story happened once upon a time. I like how that carries through to the title of the Bibles..

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