Person to Person – Foster care fundraiser

May is National Foster Care Month! I know it is other months too, but I am focusing on this one. I think it may even be hamburger month? I am not sure. Ha! Anyway, foster care means quite a bit to me, so I decided to start up Person to Person – Foster care fundraiser.

Person to Person - foster care fundraiser

This foster care fundraiser is trying to help out three counties here in North Carolina. Each county is requesting different things for various ages. There are some similarities, but for the most part it is all different.

One county has quite a few newborns and babies coming into care Another county has a lot of older kids as well as kids aging out of foster care. The other one seems to get a variety coming into care. So you can see how varied the needs are!

I am hoping to really make a difference with this fundraiser! Splitting between three counties will be interesting, so you can imagine I want it to really take off!

There are three easy ways to help donate, if you are interested!

Person to Person - Foster care fundraiser - Amazon wishlist

First is an Amazon wishlist! This is so easy to do! You can click through the list and purchase something from it. Then whatever you get off of the list gets sent directly to me! You don’t have to go to the post office or anything! It’s all so quick! There are so many different things on there too, with different price points. Something as small as little newborn socks to a piece of luggage! Anything helps!!

Person to Person - Foster care fundraiser - teespring tshirt

There are also t-shirts that are being sold, from TeeSpring. They are in my Person to Person storefront. You can purchase a shirt and the profit comes back to me so that I can purchase needed items. This is fun because you can donate and get a shirt too! 🙂

Person to Person foster care fundraiser - Hollar

This is another fun one, if you like to shop online! If you use my code at you will automatically get $2 in your account to go towards your first purchase. There are so many fun things here at great prices! I have made several orders from Hollar and everything has arrived perfectly! When you  make your first purchase then I also will get $2 in my account so that I can purchase needed items. They always have a huge selection of baby items and backpacks as well as household items that some of the older teens are requesting!

Also on the site is a resource tab, if you were wanting some more information on foster care. I know not a lot of people even know exactly what it is!!

If you click on the projects tab, you can see a little bit of the variety of things that are being requested. I made sure to get as much information on these lists as possible to make sure I could get exactly what they needed..

I have a huge goal…and the only way I can make that goal is with donations. I don’t know a ton of people, but if you happen to read this and want to help, I would definitely appreciate it! If you can’t help at this time, maybe you could pass it on and maybe someone else can!

I am really hoping to really make a difference this May!! I would love your help in however that help comes!! Thanks!!

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