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Well, I guess it is Thursday again! I don’t know how it seems like it comes so quickly anymore. But I guess a Thursday coming quickly is better than a Monday coming quickly.. I feel like I am repeating myself…ha! It seems like things have been happening like crazy around these parts, and I realized I hadn’t done a Thursday Things for this month, so here ya go!

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You guys know that I love me some Trader Joe’s… So, this comes as no surprise. But have you tried these Joe-Joe’s truffles? They are so yummy. And what I like most about them is that each one is 100 calories, but one is just plenty enough for a treat! Ahhh…

We finally made the drive to IKEA this week. We got a few of these carts and I immediately threw a bunch of stuff in there. It isn’t organized at all, but at least it is away from the fireplace and such. But these carts are inexpensive and easy to put together.. Well, Ryan and I put one together and then Ryan did the rest by himself. 😉

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I love me some gummy vitamins! I picked these up a couple months ago and thought they were pretty good, noticed a difference pretty quickly! I ran out and was at a vitamin store and picked up what they had. Night and day difference! Didn’t taste as good and it seems like all of the things that I noticed previously went away! So, I got these again… 🙂

We finally were able to pick up our second vehicle! It was even better when Jeffy got home and we could drive it around as a family for a longer trip. We bought it and they had to do a repair to the back seats because it wouldn’t latch properly. They had the thing for a week!! Thankfully we could finally pick it up…It really sucked being a one car family, I don’t know how people do it.

This is Jeffy’s song of choice lately. I admit it is catchy. We pretty much like the same kind of music except I just can’t stand his heavy screamy stuff, lol.

So, that’s it for my Thursday Things! Let me know what you liked about this past week, or even the month if that suits you better! 🙂


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