Five years ago!

Every year about this time we always start looking back at where we were in Arizona before we moved here.. This year is no different. This year it has been five years since we left and that just boggles my mind! In ways, it seems like we have only been here a short time, and in other ways it seems like we have been here forever. I can’t believe we left five years ago!

We have slowly gotten used to more and more humidity. We have gotten used to the nice drivers on the freeways. We have gotten used to the different foods…although a lot of that we are still learning. 😉

Everyone that comes to visit always talks about wanting to live here. I don’t blame them, it is such a beautiful place! The way of life is just so different than it was in AZ.

A tradition I started the first year after we left was to take a family pic of us together in the same positions.

The first picture is of us in front of the RV, ready to get in and start our journey. Five years ago!

Family 2012

Four years ago..

Family 2013

Three years ago…

Family 2014

Two years ago…

Family 2015

Last year!

Family 2016

And finally this years picture! Obviously we have a couple turkeys that wanted to be in the picture…lol. Thanks to Emily for taking the picture again this year like she did last year!

Five years ago

So, it is funny to note that I am wearing a shade of orange or red except one pic.. I don’t plan on what I am going to wear and basically I yell that it is picture time and everyone comes out just as they are. Luckily I had dr’s appointments today so I was looking normal, lol.

I am looking forward to seeing how much more this changes…and I am also looking forward to comparing the older pictures the more that we do.. I love pictures.. 🙂


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