The goats get a new house!

You guys may or may not know that we have a few goats. I’ve talked about them a couple times on here.. Anyway, our two newest goats we got about a year and a half ago. One of them was a little guy, not very old at all! We ended up getting his mama as well.

Turns out that the little guy turned into a giant. He is huge! So, that little goat house that we built for our small Nigerian Dwarf goats was getting ruined every time Cody would stand up in there!

Plus it was just getting sloppy when it rained and such…and we were keeping their supplies on our back was all just a big hassle.  So, we decided it was past time to build them a bigger house.

Jeffy started it today!! 🙂 I am so excited!

Here’s a pic of Charlie and Cody. Cody is the one on the right. You can kind of see mama goat in the middle there. You can also see how beat up their old house is!

Buncha dorks…lol.

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