Forever ago my friend Meggan and I would joke about which one of us was the biggest procrastinator. She ended up saying that we both put the Pro in procrastinating. That’s pretty much it. So now it is Pro-crastinating.

Found this graphic recently and this explains it perfectly, lol. Glad that we aren’t alone out in the world.

I have quite a few things cooking right now and well, it is all coming due at once. Some of the things couldn’t be done any sooner, but others, I for sure did procrastinate on. Some things I was waiting for someone else to do a part, some things had to be done a certain way… I think that covers #3… 😉

I think someone who wasn’t a Pro-crastinator would look at all that I have going at the moment and start to panic. But you know…this is when I do my best work. It’s been that way for ages. Even in school with essays and all that homework. Eh, it’s all good.

I do get to the point that I say I won’t let it get this bad again, but nope…it still does.

Anyone else out there consider themselves great at Pro-crastinating?

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