Novare Science & Math Introductory Physics {Review}

A few years back the kids and I did the next step in our then math curriculum. That next step happened to be Physics. I don’t know if they just weren’t ready or if the curriculum just wasn’t for us, but it was disastrous. I mentioned it to a few friends and they just said to put it off for a while and come back to it. That’s what we did! We recently tried out Introductory Physics from Novare Science & Math.

Novare Introductory Physics, 2nd Edition

This Physics course is meant for ninth graders with at least pre-algebra done for math. It can also be used for sophomores and juniors as well, there are even a couple ‘harder’ chapters that will make the course a little more challenging.

Kyle and Lauren are in the midst of their freshman year, so this was perfect for us!

I was quite surprised when the book came at the size of it. You can’t tell by the picture, but it is a smaller text book than what you would be used to. It is about seven inches by almost ten inches. Much easier to hold and use!

There is an explanation both for teachers and students at the beginning of the book and I highly suggest you read these! There are explanations why they did things a certain way and tips on how to study this course.

Novare Science Physics CD

We also had access to everything on the Resource CD. This is a wonderful addition to the text book and I think it adds so much to the course!

Novare Science & Math believes in three things that make them different from most other publishers. Mastery, Integration, and Kingdom Perspective. Rather than just learning enough to pass a test and then forgetting the information, they stress the importance of mastering the subject. The integration is that there is more than ‘just science’ involved in science. Math and English are two important ones! And I love when we can find curriculum that involves the Bible! Especially a science!

When I first started reading the book to figure out where to begin I was a little overwhelmed. I then realized that the CD included a suggested schedule as well as information on how the author taught the course in a classroom setting. This included weighted grading, scheduling, and and other tips that I am very appreciative for!
Novare Science Physics Lesson ScheduleI realized that we could continue our four day a week science class time without a problem once I read the information on the cd! Here is an example of what a Chapter 1 timeline would look like. I appreciate that they broke down the exercises like that! The first time I looked at the list of the questions I was wondering how that would go with the kids! Breaking them up like this is much more enjoyable!

The first chapter is The Nature of Scientific Knowledge and is relatively short at only 17 pages. There is a lot of basic science facts as well as more in depth information in this chapter though, so don’t dismiss it! There is a total of 13 chapters in the book.

At the beginning of each chapter is a list of Objectives. Students should be able to do each of the tasks on the list at the end of each chapter, whether it is explaining vocabulary words, memorizing equations, or just a fact that they learn in the lesson.
Novare Science Physics highlighted areaThere are a lot of highlighted items throughout the book. I think that is awesome as I am a visual person and know that those tan colored highlighted items mean something extra important. The objectives and exercises are also highlighted in this color. There are also quite a few graphs and images within each chapter.
Novare Science Physics Do You KnowIn green boxes are ‘Do You Know…’ sections that give a little extra information regarding something in the lesson. There were a few ‘ahaaaaa’ and ‘wowww’ moments with these green boxes! That is awesome!

At the end of the chapter is the list of exercises. These will vary in length but all are quite detailed. They require complete sentences and pretty thorough answers! But like I mentioned above, if you follow the suggested schedule you can break up the questions. That is a lifesaver for us, my kids don’t do well when they feel overwhelmed.
Novare Science Physics CD foldersWe are in the midst of Chapter 2 and appreciate that Chapter 1 gave us such a great example of how the book is best used. We are on a roll now and with all of the extra details on the cd, we are good to go. The cd is definitely worth the extra money! The way it is all set up makes it so much easier and not intimidating at all. Even though this is definitely not an easy course, I think it is done in such a way as to give us success in our second try at Physics! :phew:

Novare Science & Math has other courses as well! I am excited about the General Chemistry next but…I heard a little something that they are also going to be coming out with a Biology textbook! I wonder where that will fall in the schedule. I know it isn’t going to be released soon, but since our school schedule is so off, maybe they will have more information posted by the time we are needing the next science course.

If you want to check out what others thought of the Physics and Chemistry courses, or two other ones, feel free to click on the banner below!

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Novare Science & Math Introductory Physics

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