A year ago we finished our foster care classes…

A year ago we finished our foster care classes…

With all of the need out there it seems like we should have had plenty of placements and plenty of of experience in the world that is foster care by now.
foster care baby bearAlas, our county has had a streak of hardly any kids in care and we have yet to have our first placement.

That is huge! I mean, our county isn’t the largest by any means, but it is spread out between numerous cities! To not have kids coming into care just amazes me!

Our neighboring counties are still having kids come into care.

The major county on one side of us has quite a few kids coming into care and they already have a lot. Close to 300 kids in care already, with the majority of them older kids, and quite a few of those are aging out.

The smaller county on our other side has about a third of the other counties amount of kids in care. They get a lot of babies and younger kids.

I don’t know if any of my blog readers donated to my fundraiser that I did during National Foster Care Month, but if you did, thank you so much! Any shipments via Amazon were anonymous and so I couldn’t tell who donated what unless they left a note.

We were able to help out three counties with things they specifically requested!

We got a lot of household items and such for the larger county…we got a lot of diapers and baby things for the other county. And for my county, we got so many socks and undies, along with diapers and toys.. Everyone got just what they needed.

I know the need is still there. I know it didn’t solve all of their wants. But at least it is something. I would love to do it again next year..

I guess my thought is, even though we are licensed for foster care, that doesn’t necessarily mean that we are only limited to taking in children. It is wonderful that our county is doing so well. I wish we could help out the other counties that still have plenty of kids, but it gets tricky when you cross counties…it does happen sometimes.

Who knows what our role is with foster care. I do know that it is an important part of our lives now. And we will just keep doing what we can, when we can! 🙂


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