Not that long ago I had to go to the dentist to deal with a tooth that was having issues. I knew what I needed before I even went there..but still, I was hoping not to hear the words, lol. Nope, there it was…root canal.. This would be my second one. They really aren’t as bad as what people say, in my opinion! I did have to take antibiotics first before they would do the actual root canal. I don’t like taking them at all, but I understood the need. Some people suggested I look for a probiotic to take. But right at the same time I heard about Restore. Restore isn’t a probiotic, but it is so much more!
Restore logo
With it not being a probiotic, or prebiotic, or any other biotic…lol…I wasn’t exactly sure what it was! But I read up on the Restore website as well as watched a few videos and it sounded like a great thing to try!

I am not one to experience gut problems, but the way I understood it is that it helps your gut with just every day things. Heavily processed foods, GMOs, gluten, and environmental things such as herbicides and antibiotics in farm animals do awful things to your digestive tract and then impact your overall health. It is hard to escape everything!

Restore bottle smRestore is made to keep all that nasty stuff in your guts instead of getting to your bloodstream. One less thing for your immune system to deal with!

This is what I have been using the last few weeks. In case you are wondering, there is no flavor to it. They say that you don’t have to refrigerate it, but I do just because. I think it feels better to drink it cold, maybe because it is summer and miserably hot…lol.
Restore dose
Just one teaspoon three times a day is the dose that is suggested. Now granted, my life as a homeschool mom does not mean I am in fact home all day long. Sometimes I took one serving, sometimes two, and sometimes I did all three.

Few ingredients are listed on the bottle, I love that! Terrahydrite is a stabilized lignite extract and then for other ingredients purified water is the first ingredient. Followed by trace amounts of minerals and other things.

The lignite extract is supposed to help your intestinal walls that in turn helps grow your good gut bacteria. When that is working as it should it helps your immune system and your overall well-being..

Now, I didn’t know what to expect when I tried this. But I have to admit that I did in fact feel just a little better taking it! I could tell when I didn’t get my dose at a certain time. The feeling is undescribable! Oftentimes I do have to watch more of what I am eating, and maybe that is part how it helps…but it makes me want to keep taking it!
RestoreThree things were included in my package.. I was quite happy to have the travel size version and I took it with me on a recent trip to Maine. Fit right in my carry on liquids bag. The travel size is good for six days so I have a couple more servings left for another trip. I had Jeffy try out the nasal spray and he said that he liked it. He uses nasal spray often, especially during allergy season and he said it felt a little more gentle than his other ones, probably because those are all medicated and full of icky things.

Feel free to check out the Restore website for more information and learn about it for yourself! There are videos as well that are quite informative!

Right now you can use the code B7X66JY to get 20% off of everything on the website! But you have to hurry as it expires on July 16th!

I received this product for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided


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