Half way done!

Half way done

In looking at our school schedule, the amount of time we have already taken off, and what we have left…I am thinking that we are half way done with our school year!


We typically start at the beginning of January and try to finish in September. It rarely works due to people visiting, random days off that turn into the week off, and just other things throughout the year.

With being half way done in mid-July, I am not quite sure when our last day of school will be now!

I know Ryan is chomping at the bit because he already had his graduation, lol. He claims that that means he should also be done with school, but alas, he does need to finish his Senior year out.. Poor Ryan.. 😉

The way I figure it, we have about 15 weeks left of school. That puts us towards the end of October. That would be awesome if we could stay on track for the rest of the school year and still have two months off for a break.

That would also help me since I will be in the midst of doing student yearbook portraits for our local homeschool group. It is so much better to work on those with no other distractions. Like school I mean. Not that it is a distraction, but I get done quicker if I don’t have school to do also. Because I HAVE to have distractions while working on the portraits themselves, I typically watch a couple seasons of a show on Netflix or something, lol.

I do like having a couple weeks off in the summer like we did, as it breaks it up just enough but we also still have a larger break in the fall, which is our favorite month ever.

We are really hoping to be able to take a vacation this year, and that would be a wonderful time to do it! A few things have to occur in order for that to happen though…and at this point, it doesn’t look like that will happen. :sigh: We will see.

But really, having Ryan almost done with his schooling, and Kyle and Lauren almost done with their first year of high school, I think it is all going pretty well! Homeschooling high school isn’t as scary as I thought it would be!

Ah well, back to getting ready for next weeks school work! I am cutting out things like I am in a Kindergarten class…hehe…

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