Thursday Things

Woooahhhh, so it has been a while since I have done a Thursday Things, so I figured it was time! How has your week been going? I hope you have at least five things that made you happy this week, let me know what one was!

I have had a pretty great week, even though Jeffy has been out of town and it is bird season for us and that usually means dealing with birds hatching and such. Thankfully, they haven’t hatched just yet and will wait for him to get home.

So, here are five things that I enjoyed about this week!


The Bug Bite Thing. If you get bit by anything…you need one of these. I rarely get bit, even here in NC. Jeffy and Lauren get bit constantly, the second they go outside. I hate using chemicals and such on my skin and I happened across this in Kiwi magazine and thought I would try it. It totally works. Takes the itch away instantly! If it is a big bit you may have to do it again the next day but I am not even lying, it totally works. I will say, be careful if you do it on sensitive places like your face…Lauren learned that the hard way, lol.

MyFreezEasy has been a lifesaver with Jeffy gone this week. We have had so many great meals and all I had to do was put them in warm water for 20 minutes. Two were crock pot meals, and one was just something I put in the oven. You guys, if you are busy at all like me, look into doing this. It takes 30-60 minutes usually and you have ten meals ready to go in your freezer. I reviewed them on my blog here, and that was a while back, I am still using it…like ALL the time.
Image result for camille rose curl maker
Camille Rose Curl Maker. You guys know that I have issues with my hair. It’s curly.. I was a total fan of Shea Moisture forever! And then all of a sudden I noticed it wasn’t doing it’s thing and then I started getting some sort of reaction on my hairline. I don’t know if they changed formulas or what, but I couldn’t have that! My neighbors daughter said that she was going to try this for her daughter so I figured why not try it too! I love it!! Thursday Things donating
My Person to Person fundraiser.. You guys.. I don’t know if anyone that reads my blog donated to my fundraiser besides my mom, lol…but we had SO much stuff! We dropped off to Durham County in this picture and there was still stuff outside the picture that you can’t see. So much stuff. They were so grateful! So, thank you, if you are out there reading!! 🙂 We finally delivered to the last county this week. It felt so good to help out where it was needed! Especially since we haven’t had a placement, it just felt like we should do *something! I couldn’t have done it without everyone’s help… Ahh…

Nancy Mulligan by Ed Sheeran. Ok, anything by Ed Sheeran, am I right? But this is just such a great happy song and I love listening to it! Have you heard it? Give it a listen if you haven’t!

So, there are five good things about this past week! It’s always good to think of the positive, even if you have a crummy week! Let me know something good from your week!


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