Veggie-Go’s fruit and veggie snacks

When your kids have sensory issues you really aren’t 100% what will be a hit or miss as far as food goes. The boys don’t have as much of an issue as Lauren does with food, so they are good to go when it comes to fruit snacks. I hate the typical ones though, just all sugar! We recently tried Veggie-Go’s fruit and veggie snacks and they are a definite hit here!

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You may be wondering how ‘veggie’ the snacks are.. Well, they are made with other things like fruit that help in case your child isn’t a complete veggie fan. Each snack includes one serving of fruit and veggies. There are so many different combinations too!

Veggie-Go's variety

These are the ones that we all tried! We each had our favorites and I think it depends on how much you like the flavor of certain things. I am not a huge fan of beets, but it was mixed with strawberries that I love, so I could deal with it. The kids liked more of the less veggie ones, but they don’t eat veggies at all, so I wasn’t surprised with that one.

Veggie-Go's bites

The bites don’t look like a typical fruit snack. These actually look like real food, because they are! I think they look more appealing myself! And they have much more flavor!

Veggie-Go's strip wrapper

You can see what the strip looks like. All that goodness mixed in to one little strip.

Veggie-Go's strip

One thing I like doing with the fruit strips is to cut them into shapes. Yes, my kids are older, but it is just fun for me, lol. I just use my kitchen scissors and it cuts very easy. I love that they aren’t all sticky full of sugar, it makes it so much easier to cut them! I can let them eat the shapes and I can have the scraps. Maybe that’s why I like doing it, ha!

The owners, Lisa and John have lived and worked on farms across Europe and it encouraged them even more to come up with these snacks.

I like that I don’t feel embarrassed eating these while I am out. I mean, let’s face it, almost all of my vitamins are in gummy form, so I eat a lot of gummy things. Shh, don’t tell the orthodontist, lol.  Ryan has asked for strips to take with him to work as sometimes he doesn’t get a break to stop and eat.

Veggie-Go's activity book

They are available in our area at Whole Foods, but you can also get them at some Sprouts as well as Amazon. You may check out the find us section to see where else you can get them in your area. Of course you can get them on their website too, and for the month of September you can get this cute little activity book and pencil set with any purchase. There is also a downloadable coupon on the Veggie-Go’s website!

I was given some Veggie-Go’s fruit and veggie snacks to try in exchange for my opinion and these are something I would definitely purchase. I am always on the look out for healthier options for things.




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