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I am so excited about the ‘er months coming! I hope they drag out a bit! We aren’t doing a big Christmas this year, so I think it will be more relaxed than it has been in previous years. We are almost done with our school year too, yay! But here I am mentioning more things that I am happy about when I haven’t even started my Thursday Things list! Let’s do it!

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Carol’s Daughter Mirabelle Plum leave-in conditioner is wonderful! I spray it on my hair after my shower and comb it through and then wait a bit before I put the last stuff I talked about in my  hair. The combination just seems to work great! It smells nice and it isn’t heavy.

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Publix! I had shopped here when I lived in Florida and when I heard that they were coming here I was excited. 🙂 Of course it’s like an hour away or something…but still. I was able to finally go today for a quick trip. I will have to go back for sure!

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Burger 21. This was next door to Publix and we ate it for lunch. I don’t eat a ton of red meat so I decided to try their chicken parmesan burger! It was so yummy! They also offer a half and half situation on their fries, so I got that, half regular and half sweet potato. Great idea! I would definitely eat that meal again…

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Chicken Poop lip stuff – This stuff has been a life saver! After getting my braces my lips have been so dry, especially in the middle of the night. AND it has no coconut oil, which I seem to be having reactions to left and right. It’s hard to do things more natural sometimes y’all!!

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Schmidt’s Bergamot + Lime deodorant – Another beauty product… and alas, this one has  coconut oil but I haven’t had an issue with it yet, so hopefully it stays that way. But I am loving this, it feels so much better than others that you can get at the store. I got this at Target, so happy they are carrying it!

Grow Up by Olly Murs – This just has a fun beat and I love having it on my phone, it comes on quite often. The video is pretty cute too, I so rarely watch the videos for songs. That’s one reason why I love featuring a current fave song on my Thursday Things posts…

Well, that’s my five things that I enjoyed about this week! Let me know what you liked about this week! 🙂

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