Done with school?

done with school

Done with school? Our school year is officially over!!

In case you didn’t know this, our school year runs approximately January/February to October/November.

It makes it great since fall is our favorite season here in NC! It gives us opportunities to travel around anywhere from the city right next to us, or maybe even a little further! And more than likely it won’t be crowded with everyone else off of school and such. At least for a good portion of our break.

It does make it tricky when it comes to graduating. Poor Ryan had to keep doing school for a few months after we did his graduation with our local homeschool group. But he is officially done now! He can work on finishing his Associates in Arts at the local college whenever he wants.

This schedule also lets me get in on holiday deals for homeschool curriculum and such. They usually have great deals at Christmas time that would be perfectly timed for the start of our new year!

The kids usually get a little break in the summer when my niece comes to visit…and any time that one of the grandmas visit. Those smaller breaks help break up our school year, since really, we don’t even take off most holidays that fall in between those months, lol.

When we were still in Arizona I kept to a normal school schedule so that the kids could play with their friends and family when they were out of school. Realizing that we were going to be in the RV for longer than we thought when we first moved here, that pretty much started the whole wonky scheduling at first. We didn’t get moved into our house until September 1st, and by the time we got situated and got our curriculum figured out, it was well into October, so we just stuck with it!

I know it is a little out of the ordinary, but it works for us!

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