Autumn Fun


Fall has been my favorite season, even before we lived in a place that actually had one. Our fall in the Phoenix area kind of started in January and lasted about a week. Now that we have moved here there are so many ways to have fall, or Autumn fun!

Autumn fun

There is a place that isn’t too far away from us that is wonderful for hiking! It is called Hanging Rock State Park. I took the kids there when it was just starting to cool off but unfortunately it got really warm the day we went.

Ryan and I were the only ones that made it to the very end to see the fantastic view. It was silly because all Kyle and Lauren had to do was go just a little bit more, but granted, it was quite hot and we had eaten a huge lunch before we started, so none of us were feeling 100%. But I couldn’t NOT see the view!!

So, I was looking forward to going again, this time with Jeffy. We had a day that was pretty free for all of us which doesn’t happen as much now that Ryan is working some odd days and hours.

It was cool enough that I needed a hoodie, and it was really overcast. As we got closer to the parking lot it was looking downright spooky! But we still went for it!

It is probably my favorite hike so far out of all the places that we have hiked. It’s not that long of a list, but still. I would do this hike every day if I could! It’s a great mix of flat and rocky and the bonus of the great view is at the end.

As we were approaching the end it started misting, even going to a light rain, but nothing too bad. I was still excited for Jeffy to be able to see the view..

We finally get to the rocky part and coming up to the view and….it is sooo foggy you can’t see anything. All you can see are the rocks in front of you and some trees in front of you.

The view was completely gone it just looked like nothingness, which was actually kind of cool too!

But, I guess it gives us another excuse to do it again! By the time we might be able to do it again, it would be December and I think it might be too cold…but maybe in the early spring!

If you are in the area, make sure you check it out though! We eat lunch at the River Rock Cafe and we haven’t been disappointed yet!! So yummy!

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