Road Trip!

Road Trip

I am so excited! We are leaving in a couple days for a Road Trip! We are driving to Pittsburgh, PA for one night, going to Mount Gretna, PA for two nights, then on to NYC for two nights, and then one night in Philadelphia.

I have never been to Pennsylvania before, so it will be nice to knock another state off my list. I think we will also be going through a state or two on our way that I might be able to knock off as well!

The kids haven’t been to either place, so I am looking forward to that.

I have one child who LOVES city life and one who HATES it.. So, between the trip to NYC and the one to Mount Gretna, I think both should be happy.

I think I over plan for road trips. I bought a huge rubbermaid bin and filled it with snacks. Granted, there is also laundry soap and a first aid kit in there, but we have enough snacks that we could live for a year if we got stuck somewhere. Of course there is only about six bottles of water…but…we could figure something out for that. At least we wouldn’t be stuck eating leaves or something! 😉

We haven’t had a proper vacation since we moved here, so we are all kind of excited to get started! So thankful that we have a new vehicle that is more dependable than what we were driving previously. Ryan now uses that vehicle for going to work and back, as well as anything extra that he does.

I am having fun researching good places to eat in PA. I figure NYC will just be more about where we are at the time when we are hungry. We are staying within walking distance of Times Square, so there’s definitely going to be plenty of options!

Here’s hoping that the trip goes well!! 🙂

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