Who I am…

So, I realize I have had this blog for what seems like forever now! Some of you started back with me at the beginning, and some are just finding my blog today. I thought I would give a little intro into who I am…

Who I am

This is our little family. All the kids are teens now, which is just crazy to me.. Jeffy and I got married in 1996 and honestly, that’s a little crazy to me as well!

Ryan graduated high school recently, Kyle completed drivers ed and is waiting to do the drivers portion, and Lauren is still doing wonderfully as our bird wrangler…

We are a homeschool family, for now. We are always willing to change it up whenever it is called for! Our school year is a little different than most, we start around January/February and end around October/November. I love that schedule as it gives us most of the fall off which is my favorite month. Not too cold, not too hot, pretty dang perfect.

We live in North Carolina. Been here going on six years already! Doesn’t seem that long! We moved here from Arizona in an RV and we stayed in that for three months until we were able to get into our house. It was the five of us as well as three cats and two dogs. It was something nobody will ever forget!

Foster care is important to us. We have been licensed for foster care for over a year now. While we haven’t had a placement yet, we have been able to help out a couple families with respite care. At least there is that! Who knows if we will ever get a placement, which means that our county is doing well for not having kids in care!

I think 2018 is going to be a huge year. There are a lot of changes that may or may not happen and I am pretty excited to see which way it will go. 2017 was pretty nice, so it will be interesting to see for sure which way this year be.

Who I am

I have a few different topics that I talk about on my blog. I do talk about homeschooling and about different curriculum that I like and use. I usually share about what our main curriculum is at the beginning of our school year, which will hopefully be in a few weeks or so! (The sooner we start, the sooner we can stop in the fall!)

There are some recipes that I mention from a stack of random handwritten sticky notes with no titles that I make so I can figure out what they are exactly. Sometimes I get a weird kick and decide to do some meal planning, so I talk about that.

Thursday Things is where I mention five things that I enjoyed about the previous week. They aren’t sponsored things, and sometimes they aren’t things at all, just something good that happened.

Can’t forget books! I love me some books! The first of every month I do a What I Read post about the books that I read the previous month. I use Goodreads for my reading challenge, which I mentioned the last few days.

There are some other things that I try to do consistently, but it all just depends on time and what’s going on.. You know, life and all that.

One goal for 2018 is to blog more and about important stuff, not just fluff. I always felt better after writing about something that mattered and I want to get back to that..

So, that is who I am in a nutshell. If you stick around, I am sure you will find out more! 🙂

I am going to link up to the Schoolhouse Homeschool Friday, so feel free to click on the image if you are interested!

Who I am

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