The first snow of 2018!

We are notorious for stalking our weather bug app on our phones. I used to have it installed on my computer for years and it is just the most accurate we have found. Yesterday I saw on the news that they said chance of snow so of course I checked the app and nothing. Although there was some snow type ‘stuff’ on the radar map.

As I was checking facebook I saw someone in the town over say that it was snowing.. So I got out of my nice warm bed and went to see what it looked like outside.

The first snow of 2018!

This is from our front door. I had only put my slippers on so I couldn’t go very far. That is our welcome mat from Christmas… But really, it looked like mostly ice was coming down!

Ryan was scheduled to work until 11pm so we were kind of nervous as he hasn’t ever driving in snow really, much less ice. Thankfully they let him go home around 8pm or so. Also thankfully, he has the Durango which is 4wd. He did that all the way home and of course it took him a while to get here, but he did. :whew:

After we got all situated we were able to get back into the heated bed, because heated mattress pads are the best invention ever for the winter…and watch tv. On a random note, let me know what shows you are watching lately!

As I was getting all bundled up in the morning to go out to feed the goats, I looked out our bathroom window and it was so beautiful outside! I knew I was going to miss the photo opportunity of the moment, but I hurriedly put on all my layers and ran out to get what I could.

The first snow of 2018!

This is as good as I could get with my phone. For one, I was freezing…and two, all of the animals were yelling at me for their breakfast. You can see Cody sticking his head out of the goat house…and all the while Pogo was yelling at my feet. I wish I could have gotten the picture of what I saw from the bathroom upstairs though!

So this is the first snow of 2018! It wasn’t much, but it is still beautiful! 🙂

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