My memory makers

One thing that I do every year, and have now for many years…is take a photo a day. A couple years ago, I also jumped on the one second video a day dealio. These things are what I call my memory makers.

my memory makers

For the picture a day, for a few years I have been following Chantelle @fatmumslim on Instagram. At the beginning of the month she lists that months daily word prompts. A lot of the words are pretty simple, but every now and again she posts one that throws me a bit!

I take all of my photos with  my iphone so some of the word prompts are tricky… Like bokeh and some other photography type words. But most of the time I can figure something out!

What I love most about these picture of the day prompts is that they have me looking at things that I may not look at otherwise. Even when the word is just a color or something. I then notice that color more while I am out and about, or even at home!

I love looking back on these pictures via timehop or even my facebook memories now that I have them.. I do realize that I don’t take many pictures with family members, but I hope to work on that more.

my memory makers

The other thing that I am doing is 1se, or, one second every day. It is just a small one second video of part of your day.

I did this a couple years ago and I got some great moments, that even though they are just a second, they are so great to look back on!

Last year, I just was thinking that our lives are pretty boring and monotonous and so I didn’t do it, and Jeffy and I both wish that I had. So that made me decide to do it again this year.

They have updated the app and added a few things. You can now rotate your video and even add and extra second because sometimes one second isn’t enough.

Both of these things will be great to look back on in the future. Now you know why I call them my memory makers.. Do you do either one of these, or both?


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