Our family trip to PA and NYC

Now that we have a vehicle that fits our family better, we decided to take a road trip! Jeffy had some things to do in PA and so we just piggy backed on his business trip! We haven’t really had a vacation since we moved to NC…we have done a couple night stays at various places, but no real vacations. Here is a little about our family trip to PA and NYC.

Our family trip to PA and NYC

We started out in good spirits. It doesn’t happen that we all go very many places together anymore, with Ryan’s crazy work schedule and just the mere busyness of life. It was nice to be all together!

Our family trip to PA and NYC

This isn’t the best pic, but the first night we stayed in Pittsburgh. Jeffy had a work thing so the kids and I drove to a few places. I wanted to see the city at night since it was our only night there, so I looked up a place to go. We went to this park and it was definitely a great view of the city!

There were quite a few different people there and a random dog that was walking around that seemed to be owned by a few different people, or nobody, it was hard to tell.. The view was so great though! There was a game that night so that is what that big blob of light is.

Our family trip to PA and NYCOur family trip to PA and NYC

The next day we went to the Duqesne Incline. We parked across the street and went up, across, and over to get to this building on the other side.

It was a very inexpensive ticket and you go up on these tracks. It was the craziest thing, but it worked!

Our family trip to PA and NYC

Here was the view from the top. Pretty similar to the view that we had the night before, just in the daytime! I would like to spend more time in Pittsburgh sometime!

After a night in the city we were on our way to Mount Gretna, PA. It is almost in the middle of the state. Thankfully I had a friend who is from that area and she gave me a lot of suggestions on things to do, and what kind of potato chips to buy! That was a crazy hunt for those things, lol.

Our family trip to PA and NYC

We had to stop in Hershey! Hershey’s Chocolate World was calling me.. It was a very bad weather day, rain, rain, and more rain.. But we did ok. It was definitely not a day for the amusement park, but the tour and all was good anyway, and they give you a chocolate at the end.

If you couldn’t find the Hershey merchandise that you wanted here, then there would definitely be something wrong, because they had it all! That little Kiss in the pic up there is pretty much what I looked like walking around all that chocolate…just sayin’.

Our family trip to PA and NYC

My friend told me about Julius Sturgis and how they give tours and such. It was such an informative tour and they have you fold a pretzel and hey, you get a certificate when you are done! 😉

You get a small bag at the end of the tour. The pretzels were different than what we were used to, I found them quite tasty! I love the history of places like this.

Our family trip to PA and NYC

We stayed a couple days in Mount Gretna. So this allowed us to explore more. Penn’s Cave was something that looked interesting! It had snowed there recently so I was curious how cold it was going to be.

What is cool is that the cave is pretty much 52 degrees year round, so it was actually warmer in the cave than it was outside! It is also one of the only caves that you can tour all by boat!

I only had my phone for photos, so I didn’t get many great ones, but they have them lit so well it was pretty dang cool. There were stalagmites and stalactites and we all got dripped on by the water that was coming through.

Towards the end they took a quick ride out onto the lake on the other side where we could see some of the animals on the property, mostly deer, that sort of thing. They have a petting zoo and actually a lot more to do, but it was so cold and rainy, they weren’t offering much that day, and really, nobody wanted to do them anyway…

Our family trip to PA and NYC

This was the AirBnB that we stayed in.. I totally recommend it if you are in the area! They had the heat going before we got there so it was nice and toasty. This was us on the way out getting rained on.. Brr… And then we were on our way to NYC!

Our family trip to PA and NYC

This is me, with Ryan in the background, on the subway. It was so cold, I just wanted some gloves! We stopped in Lucky and got me the scarf, which totally helped. It was so warm!

Our family trip to PA and NYC

We stayed in Hell’s Kitchen, within walking distance of Times Square. Our place was on the 38th story, which gave us plenty of beautiful views!

Our family trip to PA and NYC

We did the boat ride to see the statue of liberty.. It was so, so cold…so we stayed on the inside of the boat the whole time. Hey, they had the heat going!

For a long time I have also been on the hunt for the best eclair. Previously, I had to say it was this place in MA that Jeffy and I went to.. There is a chance though that this one beat it. A taste test might have to occur. I mean, to be fair and all, right?

Our family trip to PA and NYC

Yup, we got rained on… But I couldn’t skip getting the pics on the red stairs in Times Square!

Our family trip to PA and NYC

After a couple days in NYC we were off again, heading to Philadelphia! And this is pretty much what we did. The boys had their own room and us and Lauren had our room. With all of our comings and goings, not to mention packing and unpacking, we were all tired.

It was the day before Thanksgiving and we left the hotel room at 8:30 in the morning. What should have taken maybe 6 hours to get home took a lot longer…with all of our stops trying to find a turkey, construction traffic, holiday traffic, all that good stuff…we didn’t get home until 8:30 at night. It was such a long day of driving!

Thankfully we got home safely and everything was well and good at the house. Our animals are cared for by someone while we are gone too, which is a relief.

We did more than I listed, but I realize this post was getting extremely long, so I narrowed things down a bit. You get the general idea though.



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