Some serious snow!

The other day we saw on the weather app that we use that we were due for some snow on Wednesday. Cool, we always love snow! News reports were calling for two to three inches in our area, which is about typical. Um…no. We got some serious snow!

Some serious snow

This is the morning after it started. That’s a lake, in case you didn’t know. I look at it now and it almost looks like a street!

It snowed all day, just kept on snowing. I went out and started making a sledding path which was exhausting because I kept getting pelted in the face by snow falling. Jeffy had cleared a large area on our property that just happened to be on a hill, we were excited!

I stuck a ruler on one of our front steps because the snow just kept on rising. Definitely over the 2-3 inches that was suggested!

Some serious snow

Looking at the ruler later we were very much surprised! And this was only on the front step, the yard was definitely deeper!

It’s been fun seeing so much snow! Thankfully Ryan had days off so he didn’t have to drive in it! And at least he has the 4wd for when he does have to drive.

I was out fixing the sled path that I had made because it had snowed over what I had already done. Again, we weren’t expecting all that extra snow!

Our internet and phone line both went out, so we decided that we had to get to somewhere that we could access our cell phones at least, since we don’t get service at the house. We contacted the company and they said they would be working on it as soon as they could.

Some serious snow

The driveway is on a little bit of a hill, and the snow was so deep that we couldn’t get the Suburban out. We really didn’t want to have to get the Durango.. So, Jeffy went and got the tractor and cleared as much of a path as he could. Of course the tractor got stuck at one point, so that was even more fun.

We both got quite a workout over the course of a couple days due to some serious snow! Looking forward to just hanging out and being lazy, dragging out some board games, and just enjoying the day!


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