Five Minute Friday: Intentional

I can’t believe it is Friday already! I had so many things planned for this week, and then the snow came! All the more reason to take it easy, right? The prompt for this weeks Five Minute Friday: Intentional.

If you don’t know what Five Minute Friday is, feel free to check what I wrote about it on this post.

Here we go!



However many years ago, I participated in the Word of the Year thing that seems to be coming back even stronger this year.

I think my word had something to do with being intentional. I don’t think that was my word, but I think it was along the same lines.

There are two ways that you can take the word Intentional. The dictionary defines it as something done on purpose, or deliberate.

I would like to think that people gravitate towards the good of this word, rather than the bad.

I know back when I was younger, I accidentally on purpose tripped someone.. How does that work you wonder? I stuck out my foot when they were running by, not thinking they would actually trip. I felt awful! My intent wasn’t to actually trip them, but it was to make them think I was going to trip them. Still not the greatest.

Seems like nowadays there are so many people that want the definition of intentional to look on the dark side of things. Name calling, he said/she said, stuff based on hate and misunderstanding…

That’s exhausting!

Why can’t intentional be more about helping and love and understanding?

That’s how I want to be. That’s how I will live as much as I can the rest of my life, not just for a year. I want people to know that my ‘something done on purpose’ is based out of love. That I am deliberate in my actions.

That I am acting intentional.



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2 Responses to Five Minute Friday: Intentional

  1. Chris Manion says:

    Hi Jennifer,
    Thank you for the positive focus on intentional. I never even thought about the negative. That’s how most of the world seems to run these days. I like the helping, love and understanding that you want to do with your intentions this year.

    I wrote about my word of the year, too. Check out #76 in Five Minute Friday.

    And keep up the good work of encouraging us and staying positive!

  2. Suzette K. says:

    Two comments –
    I love your logo and I appreciate your closing statement. I will also strive to be deliberate in my actions.

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