The cats are chilly

It’s been pretty cold here lately! The snow is slowly melting.. It’s crazy that just a little further south down the road there is hardly any snow left and we still have a lot. We got these little room heaters for the homeschool room and where Jeffy works all day as they tend to get the draftiest. The cats are chilly and it shows!

The cats are chilly

The cats are chilly

Now, you won’t ever see more than one cat there at the same time, but I find it amusing that they will sleep so close to it. I know it helps with the wood floors, we all tend to wear socks or slippers around the house in the winter.

I am looking forward to remodeling, or moving, or whatever happens, just for the sake of changing out our windows and helping retain some of the heat. Or in the summer, the cold, lol.

More about remodeling or moving in another blog. It is a thorn in our side right now. :sigh:


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