Our Homeschool Curriculum for 10th grade

Our Homeschool Curriculum for 10th grade

Our school year started today! It’s been a little wonky of a beginning but I think we are working it out just fine. Kyle and Lauren have been doing the same work forever now so I figured we would just keep them in the same grade! Here is our homeschool curriculum for 10th grade!


For Art, we are doing a few things! Our choices will probably change to something more thorough after we get through the first book which is pretty small.

  • Learn to Draw by Notgrass – This is a pretty basic book, and probably meant for younger kids, but it is what I wanted. We have done some harder stuff in the past that has been fantastic, but I wanted to get some basic stuff down in a non-structured way.
  • Draw to Learn The Life of Jesus by Nograss – We did the Draw to Learn Acts last year and it was great going through the whole book of Acts with drawings! Looking forward to this year!
  • Mapping the World With Art – This kind of goes in with Geography, which everyone needs help with, but I included it with Art since that’s what the book deals with as well.


Our History also covers English and Bible, which is nice!

  • Exploring America by Notgrass – We enjoyed using Notgrass for elementary grades but we love it more in the high school grades! Last year we used the World History and I learned a lot! Looking forward to the American History this year! Like I mentioned, it also covers English and Bible, so it takes up a good portion of our school time. There are a lot of books to read throughout the year as well. I like that they can choose from different projects to do each week, that it isn’t always a paper or report.


We are pretty book heavy in our learning.. Last year we used the English 2 book – Literature and Composition from Excellence in Literature. This was fantastic! I had planned to go the next book since it was dealing with American Literature and we were dealing with with American History, but due to our wonky beginning, we are doing something else.


This is a hard one. We have tried so many things. The one that Kyle likes is UnLock Math $300 for one year and that just isn’t in the budget for two kids. They have used Teaching Textbooks, which worked out…ok…I will save it for another time or something? Lauren went through the No-Nonsense Algebra book last year and that was wonderful for her. I was stumped this year…

  • Thinkwell Homeschool – This was a new one for us, I only heard about it at the last minute. The teacher seems to explain things well, which is great! And it was half the price of the UnLock Math. Hoping that it really helps in the math department this year!


Went through it once already with Ryan and I know what I’m in for…ha!

  • Exploring Creation with Biology from Apologia – This is definitely going to be interesting this year. Ryan did his lab science with Chemistry last year…Kyle and Lauren will be surprised when it is time for dissecting. Ha!

That’s pretty much it for the typical school year stuff. I will always be bringing in new things throughout the year for us to try and review here on the blog. It gets more interesting as the kids get older to find new things for them, or adapt younger things for their ages.

Let me know what you are using! I am always open for suggestions because I know I haven’t heard of a lot of stuff out there!


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