Thursday Things

Woah, starting school last week really got me a little frazzled! I think we have it down now, so we should be back on track! I haven’t done one in a while so I figured it was time for a Thursday Things!

If you don’t know what it is, it is where I mention things that I enjoyed about the previous week. It could be an actual product, something that happened, whatever! Even if you don’t have a blog to do it, I highly recommend taking some time at the end of the week to think about what you liked about your week!

Let’s do this!

Thursday Things

We will start off with something yummy.. These Core Meal Walnut Banana bars are pretty tasty! They are quite filling too! I will tend to have one of these if I have had a bigger lunch and am not quite hungry for dinner. A little carby, is that a word, but that is ok for a light dinner for me.

Thursday Things pencils

The start of school means new pencils.. These Ticonderoga black pencils are my favorite to use for school stuff. Mostly because they are all mine! The kids prefer mechanical pencils, gag… We draw something every day and these just work out really well!

Thursday Things olympics

The Olympics! I love when it is time for the Olympics! We don’t watch all of the sports, but we definitely try to watch the ice skating and some of the snowboarding and skiing. There are some random sports that we catch as well. We always love watching the opening ceremonies though!

Thursday Things dog food

I know people say that all commercial dog food is bad…but you do what you have to do. One of our dogs has like…one tooth, so we make sure she has some wet food every morning. We found Merrick dog food to be the best for the dogs. There are veggies in a lot of the flavors, some of the chicken ones have chicken thighs in them. They seem a lot more real than some others on the market! The dogs love the flavors too…

Train Song by Mandolin Orange. Gah, I love live music, I really need to do a concert soon or something.. A restaurant with live music? I know where to go in AZ for that, what about here? hmm…

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