Drive Thru History Adventures {Review}

I have been a fan of Dave Stotts and Drive Thru History since I first heard about it over a year ago. I know it had a great following already back then since I felt late to the game! But this time, I feel a little ahead of the game because I got to use the new homeschool videos from Drive Thru History Adventures.

Drive Thru History Adventures
There are three adventures included right now: Bible History, American History, and Ancient History. I hard a very hard time picking which one to start with as we are studying all about Jesus’ life this year AND American History.

We decided to start with the Bible History. I didn’t realize that it was similar to the Drive Thru History – The Gospels that I reviewed last year! That is perfect as we could relax just a tad more and enjoy the ride.. It also gave us more time than we would have to explore more of the options!

Drive Thru History Adventures logo

As you first log on to the website, Drive Thru History Adventures, you can get a feel for the site through watching the little intro video and seeing some examples of the curriculum. I love how he calls it “Adventure Learning”, because that is such a perfect name for it!

During the Bible Adventures, he is driving around this old Land Rover. I love that thing! I think I would be afraid to drive it, but I would definitely love to be a passenger! He drives it to numerous places, all of them fascinating.

Drive Thru History episodes

There are 18 episodes in the Bible History section. What we did for each episode was first, watch the video. They are generally about 30 minutes long. We then look at the other items listed on that page. Quotes, artwork, pictures of locations and items, etc.

The artwork is fantastic, both on the website and the video. I wanted to make sure and comment on that. Sometimes it just pops up on the screen like cardboard cutouts and really just grabs your attention. And I like the different versions of similar scenes, like Mary with Jesus as a baby. It is neat seeing different interpretations on what they may have looked like, etc.

Drive Thru History Adventures Bible

On another day we do the scripture reading. I like that it is included on the website, even though we always have our Bible handy. Sometimes it is just nice to scroll down and already have it started at the place where you are to start reading..

Also on the page are Discussion Questions. They are the same questions that are further down that you can print out as a worksheet for them to fill out. Depending on the questions and what was in the video we saw, we alternate using them as discussion questions or I print out the worksheet. I think they like discussing better, to hear what everyone has to say, so we tend to do that more often.

Drive Thru History Adventures Dig Deeper

Also included is this Dig Deeper section. These I usually have them look at on their own and they can discuss later together if they want to. I don’t make it mandatory to do so, but it is nice when they are excited about something and want to talk about it! I like that they can access the site on their tablet or phone if they want too!

I had no idea that Herod took one hill and basically transplanted it onto another larger hill to make one big hill. I can’t imagine doing that nowadays, much less way back then! This course is so full of information, even little tidbits like that, that just make it that much more fascinating.

Since we were a little familiar with the Bible History course, we decided to check out the American History one as well!  This starts with episode 1: The Discovery and ends at episode 12: New Jersey and Epilogue.

Drive Thru History Adventures American History
Since our school year is not even one month old yet, we are still barely into our study of American History. The Drive Thru History Adventures American History is working out perfect for us! It is lining up to exactly what we are studying. Some of the suggested reading are things that we are reading in our studies already! Perfect!

Our normal curriculum has me reading out loud…quite a bit. So they definitely enjoy seeing Dave Stotts talking about it in his exciting way. He just has a way of making everything sound fascinating! I mean, I am loving relearning history with my kids, but hearing it taught like this is just the cherry on top!

At the very top of the website, you can kind of see in the previous image, there are the menu buttons. The Dashboard is basically everything that is recent. A little bit of everything. The Curriculum is where you find all of the adventures.

Resources list all sorts of things; articles, the worksheets, behind the scenes, side roads (which are basically current event videos mixed in with history videos), and dig deeper which is basically like side roads, but with articles.

All of those things in the Resource section can keep you busy for a very long time…kind of like going on YouTube for the one video and ending up five hours later not knowing where your day went.. Just me? hmm.. But I could keep reading and watching for a long time because it is all about things that I was never taught in school! Even the current event things are told in a way that is just easy to understand as well as just appealing to learn!

The Community section is great…it lists the private Facebook group which is gaining more and more people every day. It is a helpful place to visit for sure! Other social media is listed on that page as well.

Drive Thru History Adventures TV

Lastly is Adventure TV. You can view the videos from Drive Thru History Adventures on this site. It won’t have the extra stuff on the curriculum pages, but it is great for on the go, or just if you wanted to catch some videos from the comfort of your bed or couch! ha! It is basically like a Drive Thru History Adventures only YouTube channel. I love it!

Drive Thru History Adventures has some specials available! You can go to the Drive Thru History Adventures website and they are offering a set of the The Gospels DVD to those who join with an annual subscription!

They are also offering 20% for readers of The Old Schoolhouse¬ģ Magazine! Their ad is on page 19. Both of these are fantastic deals!!

Now, we haven’t had a chance to look at the Ancient History Adventures yet, but I am sure they will be just as great as the other two! You can read what others had to say about it, just click on the link below!

Drive Thru History Adventures - Subscription {Drive Thru History Adventures Reviews}

Drive Thru History Adventures


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