The whole foster care thing…

the whole foster care thing

I have mentioned a few times on here about our journey with foster care. We have been licensed for about 18 months and not much had really happened. The whole foster care thing…has been interesting.

There have been times that we just didn’t know what to do.. The class before ours saw people getting placements even before they finished taking the class, there was such a need for homes!

Our class happened and nothing. Which is awesome! That means there aren’t any kids going into care! We figured we would just wait and see what happened..

As we wait and wait, we realize how our neighboring counties are in need.. So we started our fundraiser/donation dealio. I talked about it on our blog here.

We knew that we wanted to help in anyway that we could! And maybe that didn’t look like being actual foster parents? We got so many donations, all three counties were so very thankful with all of their items that we brought. It worked out that they all pretty much requested different items.

Many prayers were going on about what we should focus our energy on. So many suggestions were thrown around.. It got to a point that we said maybe we shouldn’t extend our license, since it was going to be up in September.

I guess that was the point that our answer when we started throwing that idea about, we got a call for our first placement.

Things have been very busy as we are all getting used to each other… Jeffy is traveling too, which always adds a little craziness. I think things will settle down shortly though.

It’s definitely been interesting getting used to having a little one in the house again. Luckily there was a resale store not too far away that offers foster parents 20% off their purchase. We took advantage of that!!

Next up, trying to get all of our hours in to make sure our license stays good! ha!

So, that’s what is going on in our world at the moment…

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