MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle {Review}

Has your child ever asked about their math and the possibility of using it in the real world? I have heard that a time or two! I was excited to try out the MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle from NatureGlo’s eScience. It seemed like it took a lot of the interesting parts of math and actually showed examples of it in the real world!


What caught my eye about this right off the bat is that it wasn’t your typical math that was being discussed. Math isn’t just dividing or fractions, etc..

Golden Ratio - Fibonacci

The class we decided to start with was Math Connections with the Real World. It was all about the Golden Ratio as well as Fibonacci Numbers. I barely remember learning about those in school, I think we might have studied them for a day? Thinking it was a good place to start!

Golden Ratio Intro

As you log in you are given a list of things to do; watch the videos, download the worksheets, etc. There are a lot of different links to click and I actually wasn’t 100% sure what to do when. We printed everything out and then we had downloaded the slideshow. But it was also the same thing as the video.

Golden Ratio music

The videos are typically recordings of live classes that the teacher, Gloria Brooks, has given in the past. You can hear various kids’ responses to her questions as well as her communicating with them. Or, you can just look at the slideshow that is available to download.

After watching a few of the videos, we decided to just look at the slideshows that we downloaded. For the videos that didn’t involve previous recordings, it was the teacher just reading everything that was on the screen with very little extra thrown in, so we didn’t feel like we were missing anything. So it really is your choice on which you prefer.

Golden Ratio Lessons

As you make your way through the course, you can mark each section complete. Then it checks it off on this master list, so you always know where you left off.

Golden Ratio quizlet

Each section has a little Quizlet at the end. It’s a timed game where you match up the different terms and definitions. There really wasn’t a good instruction set, or even a notification that it was timed, so our first one didn’t get a good score. You are able to try it again though, which is always nice.

Golden Ratio Award

Achievement awards are given at the end of each section, and they pop up on the screen so you can make sure you see them. They are nice to see when you get to the screen that shows them all.

There are plenty of links and activities to do in each course. Six weeks could be a rough estimate on how long it would take to finish each one. If you clicked on each link and did the activities suggested, I could see it taking longer than six weeks. Or you could do one activity and not click on as many things and it won’t take as long.

In our experience, we wish that there was more information given right from the beginning. There really wasn’t enough definition on either The Golden Number or Fibonacci for us, we had to look them up on Google for that. We also noticed quite a few typos and other things that were a little distracting.

We did appreciate the time and effort that it took to put this all together, and maybe taking the live class would be better for us in the future. We are going to check out MathArt in Ancient Cultures deeper to see if some of our concerns are changed, as we have only gotten briefly the first lesson.

Others have tried this out as well, you can feel free to click the banner below to see what they thought about it! I know everyone is different!


MathArt Online 4-Class Bundle









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