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This year we are studying American History. It’s a nice break from doing World History last year! But in looking for extra things having to do with what we are studying I wasn’t finding a ton for my high schoolers. Home School in the Woods has been a favorite of ours for a while, and they have a ton of selections in their Á La Carte section!

Now, our history studies are pretty strenuous, so I didn’t want to get anything too involved. I looked through their Á La Carte section and found some games that I thought would be perfect!

Ala Carte Map game

The first game we chose is Name That State! File Folder Game. I love these file folder games as you can take them anywhere as they are so slender! We keep the cards in a little baggie and they stay straightened out.

This game was very easy to print. Just the two board game sheets and then the cards. The cards are double sided, as are a lot of things from Home School in the Woods, but we have it all figured out with our printer now, lots of experience…ha!

Geography is a huge things for us here as for one of my students, ahem, nothing seems to click. So I figured that even though this really didn’t deal with American History, it is still America, so it works for us. And is definitely important to learn!

We started out this game by just going through the cards one time and trying to find the shape on the card. Some of those were tricky! I’m talking to you New England states…but they started getting it and remembering.

Ala Carte Map game Cards

After they were good at that, we moved on to the actual state locations, and then even more with the information on the back of the cards. Now I am not all up on my state history, so this was fascinating for me..

It lists the capital, rank, entered the union and the region. You can also write your own info to know on the bottom. We haven’t gotten that far yet…

But basically I would hold the cards and show them the shape side of the card. They would find it on the map and guess the state name. I would give them the card if they got it right. Then, they would get bonus points for any other information they could remember for that state. If neither one could remember the state, I got to keep the card. Whoever has the most cards at the end of the game wins!

There are directions that come with the game as well, and we just kind of made it our own. They actually look forward to playing it and we try to do it 2-3 times a week!

Ala Carte Liberty game

The next game we got is Liberty At Last! and it is another file folder game. We didn’t color this one because we didn’t want it to distract from the rest of the printing. (Someone loves to color a tad dark…) I love the example that they show on their page though!

This one is more along the lines of what we were studying so it worked perfectly! This gets put together along the same lines as the other game we did. The game board pages are printed and the cards. This time there six are game markers that you can use to mark your place on the game board, and those just get cut out and folded and glued to make them stand.

You start at the Start area, which makes sense…ha! And you work your way to the Treaty of Paris. Interspersed are various people and events that you can take time to learn if you don’t know about them already.

There is supposed to be a dice that you roll, but we didn’t have any extras, so we just used a dice roller app. Ahh, technology…

Ala Carte Liberty game Cards

If you roll a one through five, you advance that many spaces. And if you roll a six, you pick a card, read it out loud, and then you can move your marker to that location! So you can imagine that those cards can be either good or bad! There have been a few times where one person was close to the end and then had to draw a card that sent them back almost to the beginning…

What we did, was whoever landed on a space with a picture, they had to state something they knew about that item. If they couldn’t think of anything, they had to look it up. That made for some very long games at the beginning, but I could see their minds working when they landed on certain spots!

I think I made a great decision on getting these games. It really lightens our load from our regular history studies.. I am thinking about getting a couple more as we get deeper into our studies. I was looking at the war games! The War to End All Wars and The Fight for Freedom are more file folder games and I think they will be perfect, especially since we liked these two so much!

If you are looking for a more thorough unit study, both of these are included in larger unit study kits. We have used those in the past and they are fantastic! If you are interested, the Name That State! game is part of Activity Pak: Make a State and the Liberty at Last game is a part of Time Travelers: The American Revolution.

If you are curious on what others thought of their Á La Carte products, feel free to click the banner below! There are many different ones that were tried out!


Home School in the Woods Á La Carte products



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