Birthday craziness!

birthday craziness

Do you have a cluster of birthdays in your extended family? I call it the birthday craziness month.

Ours pretty much seems to start at the beginning of March and ends at the beginning of April.

My brother, numerous cousins, Jeffy’s brother and mom, my mom, my other brother, Jeffy’s cousins…Jeffy…a few other random family members.  It is just crazy how many people in our family have birthdays is just that one month span of time!

Ryan and Lauren have summer birthdays, while Kyle and I are both born in December. It really made things interesting when the kids were little, especially since Kyle’s birthday is so close to Christmas. We tried a half birthday celebration, celebrating his birthday with the other two in the summer… Nothing worked, so we kept his birthday and made the day all about him.

But come spring? It’s like we are saying happy birthday over and over and over!! Of course this time around we were in the midst of the new foster placement, the first two weeks were a tad crazy, so I think we missed a few birthdays, but I am sure they understand.. 🙂

How about your family, do you have a month of birthday craziness too??

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