Creation Illustrated Unit Studies {Review}

One of our favorite things do in our homeschool are unit studies. They just make it so easy, but really, you seem to learn so much more at the same time! Creation Illustrated  is a magazine that we have had a subscription to in the past, and they have come out with unit studies now!


The one that we chose to work on was on Pine Trees. Coming from the Phoenix area, there just aren’t a ton of pine trees around. There are certain varieties, but just not a general thing you see as you drive around.

A few years ago we did a quick study on pine trees, but it wasn’t a unit study by any means, and we didn’t really learn a whole bunch. This one is taught from a creationist viewpoint and is geared towards grades 5-8 but are good for all ages. What I love about unit studies is that you can always add on to them. Even though my kids are older, we could go into more detail and do deeper studies.


These unit studies are matched with an article in the magazine, so you can use the article with your study! This Pine Trees study is from the Fall ’17 Digital Edition.

With 16 pages included in this unit study, it doesn’t seem like there is a lot of info, but there is! Especially with the magazine article! While I am one to normally prefer printed magazines, this online edition is done quite nicely! It looks like a magazine and you can ‘turn’ the pages and everything. The images are clear and it is easy to read. Definite pluses!

There are so many pages in each magazine, all full of info. I wish our subscription didn’t run out!. But really, the online ones are so nice as it is easier to have the information right there on the computer as you are doing schoolwork at the same time!

Creation Illustrated unit studies

There are plenty of printable worksheets in this study. Here are a few that we did. We will always, ALWAYS, do the art part of any unit study… So of course we were looking forward to that one. While the worksheet asked to draw your favorite pine tree, we kind of focused on what we knew from living in Arizona. Soon, we will be looking more into pine trees that are in our general area here in NC, as they are different from the other side of NC!

It was interesting to do the geography section, as I guess we didn’t realize how widespread pine trees are across the world! The Bible Study on pine trees was tricky for us! I think it was because of the version of Bible that we used. We ended up looking at the answer key that came at the end of the study.

At the beginning of the study there are some sites to go to for more reading, and those were definitely helpful. There are also some YouTube videos that you can watch as well, and those seemed to be easier for us as a group…

We had to laugh as there was a section on Fibonacci in this unit study and we had just learned more about that a few weeks ago. That was an easy question for them now! ha!

Creation Unit Study Snow

We also started looking at the next unit study on Snow! We are excited to get further into this one. I love that both Pine Trees and Snow are things not generally found in the Phoenix area, but we have seen both plenty since we have moved to NC. The Snow Unit Study is found in the Winter ’18 Digital Edition which makes sense! Of course with the weather we have been having, it could have been Spring, am I right??

The Snow unit study is set up like the Pine Tree one; Vocabulary, Bible study, etc.. There are a couple of different things as well. This one is 17 pages. This one seems to have more activities, which is always fun. Everyone likes making the crystals on pipe cleaners! It’s just something you have to do, especially if you homeschool! lol

CI Sum15 Cover Pages

I am looking forward to the Spring issue.. This study is on butterflies! You can check back on their unit studies page to be see when it is up there!

We had a great time with these unit studies, and I think they would be a great addition to a homeschool, or just fun to do as a family for extra learning! If your kids are older like mine, there are so many things that you can do in addition to these! That’s what I love about unit studies!! Feel free to click the banner below to see what others had to say about either the Pine Trees or Snow Unit Study!

Creation Illustrated Unit Studies




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