Memoria Press Second Form Latin {Review}

We have used Memoria Press for quite a few things in the past, they are a great company with a great variety of curriculum to choose from! The last thing we used was First Form Latin so I thought it would make sense to do Second Form Latin this go around!


After using the First Form Latin last year, we were curious to see how the Second Form would be. The layout is very similar to what we were used to, so that was nice! Very easy to jump back into it!

You can see all that is included in the Complete Set in the photo, I will go over each item. It is in a way, difficult to explain how each book goes together, but I will attempt it!

Memoria Press Second Form Latin

This is a page from Lesson 9 in the Student Text. I had to laugh when we got to this part, because if you have a child, you know at one point they probably said that something wasn’t their fault. Well, this lesson was talking about mea culpa – my fault.

The Student Text and the Workbook go to the student. They learn the lesson in the Student Text and then work on the pages in the Workbook.

The lessons in the Student Text are pretty short, just two pages, and the book is a smaller one. I like it because kids aren’t overwhelmed with too much information to learn in each lesson.

Each lesson is pretty similar to what you see in the image above. The forms of speech are talked about, some vocabulary, and something interesting about Rome or something related to the Latin language. I actually learned quite a bit myself in those little snippets!

Memoria Press Second Form Latin

This picture shows part of Lesson 9 in the Workbook (right) and the Teacher Key (left). I love that the answers are written the exact same as the Student Workbook! So much easier to grade that way.

So in keeping with Lesson 9 as an example, there are six pages in the Student Workbook for that lesson. Each lesson is generally the same, depending on what is being taught.

This lesson starts out with Word Study and Grammar. There are questions asking what a pronoun is and the Pronoun Agreement Rule. Then you write in vocabulary words and go back and forth between Latin and English. You are supposed to say them out loud as well.

Next in this lesson is Declensions and Form Drills and it is dealing with First Person Possessive Adjectives. There is a chart that you fill in the singular and plural forms and also use the three genders for meus -a -um. Another chart for noster nostra and nostrum in three genders, singular and plural.

There is a drill that involves the nominative case for 12 different word phrases such as ‘my shadow’ or ‘our field’.

Part three are more charts to fill in dealing with Second Person Possessive Adjectives as well as another drill.

Part four is all about translating. Most of these are from Latin to English, but there are a couple English to Latin at the bottom.

Part five is Derivatives which are fill in the blank while Part six is called Enrichment. It is underlining pronoun adjectives, drawing an arrow to the noun it modifies and circling the personal pronouns. We did this in our previous English curriculum quite frequently, so they were used to that.

Each lesson is similar but different. They are broken up in a way so that you aren’t doing the same thing every day, every week, for the whole book. I like that because I know some do have the same thing all the time, and that gets exhausting to me!


What I love about Memoria Press is that everything works together so well. The student text and the workbook aren’t very cumbersome. They could easily be toted around if you were doing this in a group setting. There isn’t a ton of work each day, it is quite manageable, at around 25-45 minutes.

The Teacher Manual and Teacher Key are both very easy to understand, they are organized very well. There is also a book for the quizzes and tests. It does seem a little overwhelming to have so many books and items, but they do make sense together once you start!

Second Form Latin extras

Also included in the complete set are the instructional DVDs, a pronunciation CD and a lot of flash cards! The DVDs have three disks and include about 9 hours of instruction that use about 15-20 minutes a lesson. The DVDs have helped us tremendously in the past and they have this time as well!

The pronunciation CD is definitely helpful if you are having issues with pronouncing some of the words, which definitely happens! The flash cards cover so many different things. That would explain why there are so many! They are good quality too, almost like playing cards, should still be careful with them though..

I will say, if your child is interested in learning Latin, or any language really, don’t stop over a break. We stopped when Ryan graduated and he was the one that thought it would be good to continue with the second form and he realized that he forgot more than he thought he did. Even if you just do the flash cards over a break, that’s better than nothing!

I am always impressed with everything we use fromĀ Memoria Press … They always put so much thought into their products and make it easy for people to use their products.

If you are interested in hearing what others thought of Second Form Latin feel free to click the banner below! I am looking forward to hearing what others thought of Music Appreciation I because that is something that we haven’t done a lot of. We have dappled in it, but everything we have done has had you search for music online or buy/rent the music to listen to. This comes with the CDs. It might be something we try next!

Memoria Press Second Form Latin



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