Princess Cut movie {Review}

A few weeks ago we got a movie to watch that I thought would be great to watch as a family, because one thing we do well is watch movies together.. The movie is called Princess Cut from Watchman Pictures and it seemed relevant since I have all teens that would do good to see it.


Well, plans don’t always work out and between getting a new foster placement, 2/3 of the kids getting super sick as well as myself and the aforementioned foster placement and other life things, I was the only one to be able to watch it so far. On another note, this is a great movie to watch when you are sick in bed!

One thing that I noticed and loved right away was that it was filmed in my general area! I wasn’t positive until the end when I read the credits, but sure enough, a little less than an hour away. We have grown fond of the beauty that North Carolina has and I am fascinated when I see books or movies set here…

Basically, the movie is about a girl, Grace, that is hoping to finally get married to her boyfriend Stewart.. I don’t recall the movie stating how old she was, but she is in school for interior design so I was assuming she was in her 20s. The website says early 20s.

When Stewart suggests that they have a date to discuss something special, she thinks that this is the moment she will be engaged.. As life goes, that wasn’t what happened..

The rest of the movie details her quest to find a husband, but while keeping true to herself as well as God.

The family unit is just a nice family that I could imagine living next to here in NC.. I am pretty sure I know quite a few families just like them.. Grace is the oldest of three, she has two younger brothers. The family lives on a farm and grows soybeans.

I thought the acting went very well with this movie! On a funny note, quite a few of the actors resembled people that I know in real life, and they act like the character in the movie! There was what seemed to be an obligatory fight scene that seemed like it was expected to be there and maybe was a tad cheesy, but it goes with the story.

You could pretty much tell what was going to happen in the movie, but it was still enjoyable to watch it play out. Kind of like a good book. You just keep reading because it is so fun to read it all happen.

While this is a Christian movie, there isn’t anything thrown in your face…so if you were to want to watch this with friends that aren’t Christian for example, I don’t think it would be too out there for them.

I am looking forward to watching it again with the family once life slows down again, hopefully towards the end of the month.

Make sure you check out the website where you can watch the preview! And one of my favorite pages is the Photos & Video page where they show behind the scenes and random photos as well..

If you want to see what others thought of the movie Princess Cut feel free to click the banner below!

Princess Cut movie



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