The whole foster care thing, continued…

foster care

As I write this, our little foster baby has moved on to respite care. Gosh, what an emotional day. She had a dr’s appointment, then a parent visit, and after all that is when we dropped her off.

She will be in two respite houses and then hopefully moved to a family member. I feel bad for all of her transitions and I hope and pray that she does well and ends up in a wonderful place.

It was weird to go back to our typical quiet house. We didn’t know what to do with ourselves. We were just kind of walking around in a daze the rest of the night and even the next day.

Now that we have had our first placement, we don’t know what to do next. Jeffy is slightly frustrated with the whole system, as are most people. He doesn’t think he wants to do it again. I can totally see his point because it really was kind of a crazy experience.

Granted, this case was especially hard, and not typical, if there is such a thing in foster care. There are definitely things that I would have liked to have been different, but it’s not up to me, lol.

I am glad that we could help out in the life of Princess Buttercup, which is the nickname Jeffy came up with. We are glad that she improved as much as she did in her short little stay. I am glad that we could send her to the first respite house healthy and in good spirits. They seem like a great family with two little kids. I hope the next family does well also, they too have two little kids. She loves kids, even our big ones..

I guess I will keep y’all updated on what we decided to do in the future!

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