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A couple years ago we used Help Teaching Pro in our schooling and it was wonderful! I realized last year that I missed not having the capability to print these worksheets anymore! We went back to and yayyyy…we can now print as many things as we want! Of course, I think I went a little crazy as my black ink is now low, ha!

help teachingLast time we focused a lot on the math section. Because it is a struggle, y’all! Since it has been a couple years, I thought I would see what was added in the higher level grades. I like that you can search by category or grade level!

I clicked on grade 10 to see what was there, and it ends up there is more than I can even capture in a screenshot! The sections were: Function and Algebra Concepts, Geometry and Measurement, High School Math, and Shapes.

Help Teaching Math

We did quite a bit of different math.. But I did want to make sure we worked on mean, median, mode, and range. We haven’t done a ton of that, and what we have it has been a couple years. Always good to review that, especially since I know that Ryan used that in his college math class! This was under the Grade 9 section, but that’s what I love about this site is that you can use things from numerous grades. I even used something from the grade 3 section!

I like that when you click on a particular worksheet, you can go ahead and print however many you want. And the next tab over you can see the answer key! You can print it if you want, or if you just want to grade it off the screen you can do that as well.

Help Teaching writing promptI also went to check out the Language Arts section to see what they had for grade 10. There was a huge selection there as well! One thing that caught my attention right away was a writing prompt worksheet. Now, this really didn’t need to be printed out in my opinion, but it was cute anyway. There is a back story to why I picked this worksheet out and the kids had fun with it..

Help Teaching The Scarlett LetterAnd because it can’t all be fun and games… I also checked out what they had for novel worksheets! We had recently read quite a few from the Grade 10 list, but the most recent was The Scarlett Letter and I printed out that worksheet to see how they would do.

I will say that there are some pretty hard questions! In the future I think I would print them out as we start a book, rather than giving it to them after the fact. Looking at the questions myself, I didn’t know some of the answers and I was reading the book out loud to them, ha! There are some other titles that we will be reading soon I noticed, so I am going to print those out ahead of time.

Help Teaching Life Skills

As a quick note, I loved this Life Skills section! Especially the Wash Care Symbols, because really, who knows what all of those things mean on clothing tags anyway!! 😀 I thought that this was a very informative section and I wanted to make sure and mention it since it is a smaller section!

So many of these were applicable for the kiddos! And these were just the printable worksheets! You can also click on the Lessons tab! They do have a lot of lessons for Math and Language Arts, and I know I will go back to those soon, but right away I wanted to see what they had for Biology!

Help Teaching Fungus

The lessons aren’t that involved, which is nice since we already have a full curriculum and use these for extra information! We looked at the lesson on Fungi. There is a brief write up about fungi and then you answer practice questions. This particular lesson only had two questions. Then you watch the video. I like that they also suggest the related worksheets at the bottom, as well as some additional resources if you want to check out more information. And how about the timing on the video screen grab, eh? Ha!

I see more categories that we will use once we get to that section in our Biology curriculum! Sometimes hearing something a different way really helps you learn it better!

For lessons, they have English Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.. For older kids like mine the lessons are meant for a more self directed learning. They are pretty self explanatory on how they work, so I think that is great!

Help Teaching earth dayAnother thing that I enjoyed is reading their blog! There was a recent article, The Importance of Teaching Personal Finance that I thought was very informative! It is definitely true, a lot of kids aren’t taught these things and have to find out the hard way! They do have quite a few interesting articles on their blog! As I write this, there is another great article on Earth Day activities!

There really is a lot you can do with this website. We didn’t take advantage of the Test Maker and Worksheet Generator this time around yet, but we have used it in the past. You can see our review from a couple years ago here. Everything is just so easy to understand, the website is easy to navigate, it is just an all around good thing!

If you want to read what others thought of their time with Help Teaching Pro from, feel free to click the banner below! There may be more information mentioned on a different grade level or subject that I didn’t talk about!

Help Teaching Pro



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