What to do with the baby stuff?

Now that we don’t know what the future holds for us regarding foster care, we realize our house is full of things that we bought when Princess Buttercup was here. What to do with the baby stuff?

baby stuff

We have two car seats, a crib, a high chair, bath tub, entertainment dealio’s.. Not to mention all the small stuff, bottles, clothes, and pacifiers.

There are still things we are finding around the house as she had a tendency to throw things when she was done with them.

We are hoping to do a remodel ASAP, so then we can revisit the whole small child thing and I doubt they will be calling us again any time soon.. There really isn’t a good place in storage, since it is not in a building but an outside storage facility. We don’t have a garage so we can’t put it in there.

Definitely don’t want to give it away as everything was brand new for Princess Buttercup.

Aghgh, what a little quandry we are in. All of this for one sweet little baby that we had only about six weeks.

It was worth it though. At least we could pass her to her next home happy and healthy and loved… 🙂 We can work out all this other stuff…

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