Billy Graham – America’s Pastor {Review}

You must know by now that we are big readers during our school time. These books make up a good portion of my Goodreads challenge! YWAM Publishing is a definite favorite of ours. We have read a few books from them in the past so I was excited to choose another one.

With the recent passing of Billy Graham, I thought it would be interesting to read more about him! In Heroes of History-Billy Graham we learned a lot more than we thought we would! This book is part of the Heroes of History  series, but there is also a selection of books in the Christian Heroes: Then & Now series! All are so great to check out!


One thing that I love about YWAM Publishing¬† is that each book is written as a story. There is dialogue and little stories mixed into the book, so that it doesn’t read as a ‘school’ book would read.

Just yesterday, Jeffy had come in and sat with us at the table while we finished our school day with reading from this book. He was so interested in hearing the rest of the story of Billy Graham that he said to let him know when we were going to read it again today!

Billy Graham portrait

As you can see from the picture, the book was written before his passing, but it definitely covered most of his life. The book started when he was twelve years old and ended when he was in his 90s. That is a lot of information!

I have to be honest, I didn’t really know anything about him and all of the work that he did. He was very into getting rid of racial issues as well as spreading the message of God. So many people came to his talks, it is said that he preached to over 200 million people in 185 countries.

He did all this as well as being a husband and father. His schedule kept him away from home a lot of the year, but when he was with his family, he tried to make it all about them. I enjoyed reading about his personal life as well as his public one.

Billy Graham study guide

Right now we are starting chapter 15 out of 17, so we are almost done with this story. I am curious how they end it since he hadn’t yet passed away at the time of writing. We got involved in the Study Guide that is available to these books, that we went a little slower than we thought!

These study guides are fantastic! There is so much in there to do that it will definitely have something for everyone. We typically always go over the reading comprehension questions after each chapter, as that helps them to pay double attention to what is being read, as well as reinforcing what they read. These are done more in a discussion fashion, than in the style of a written quiz, as they can voice their opinions a little easier on the last couple questions in each chapter.

It was neat that he lived in North Carolina as we could check on our maps how close or how far cities were that were mentioned in the story. We had been to Asheville before, so we knew that Montreat wasn’t too far from there. Imagining living there on a mountain sounded wonderful, we could just picture the views!

Bily Graham states

We are focusing a bit on Geography again this year and Lauren took one of the suggestions in the study guide and changed it up a bit. She organized the states into where he visited as well as preached and made it into a sort of puzzle of the United States. One look at all of the countries he visited changed her mind on doing it for the countries…ha!

Her and Kyle were also working on one of the other projects that is very involved. I don’t think they realized it at the time of starting it!

Choose a series of crusades that Billy did and research the fastest or most cost-effective way to get from one place to another. Create a travel itinerary, showing how he would travel to each city. Include costs and a timetable.

At first they were trying to figure out what things would cost during the time he actually traveled, but a lot of that information wasn’t online, so they decided to just use the costs from today. This is taking a little longer than they expected, but they are enjoying it. They haven’t really traveled much so I think it is making them get the travel bug!

It is such a fantastic thing to have such a wonderful study guide in with these books! In the past I have mentioned Daniel Boone and C.S. Lewis. Both of those were just as wonderful! I am looking forward to checking out some others, and they are adding new books all the time! Feel free to click the banner below to read some reviews of the other books!


Billy Graham – America’s Pastor


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