Switching to year round school?


What a crazy school year it has been so far! We have had so many things happen that we have had to take numerous breaks! We typically take the fall off instead of summer so that we can enjoy the loveliness that fall brings, but now I am wondering if we will get that break! Are we switching to year round school?

We took time off for when we had company, we took time off when I lost my voice… We took a lot of time off when we had the foster placement, that was an especially crazy time. We take time off when I go out of town with Jeffy, or if we all go out of town together.

I will be trying to get caught up so that we can take off at least a little bit of the fall, but at this point, I just don’t see it happening.

And we are going to hopefully do our remodel soon.

Yeah, that’s a different blog post all together! lol

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