Do you have a favorite dessert?


Jeffy and I have been traveling a little bit more than normal lately…which we love doing! One of my favorite things to do together is to try new places to eat. I am also on the search for the best eclair, you may remember me writing about that. I love finding new desserts to try also! Do you have a favorite dessert?

We recently went to a restaurant here locally that we’ve been meaning to go to ever since we moved here. It was amazing. They are going to be moving down the street from where they are now in order to have more room, so that will be great. But they had a unique dessert that will have me going back there often! Even moreso than the food!

Jeffy isn’t much about the dessert life. Every now and again he gets on a spurt of wanting some though, and we love to go to new yummy places. Even if the dessert doesn’t end up being what we think it is going to be, just the experience is great.

When he travels by himself, he typically eats fast food or some other chain restaurant. When I go with him I pretty much insist we try local restaurants, even if they are a local chain. I want to eat where the locals eat and try new things! This last trip had us eating Chinese food and pizza and Irish food…it’s pretty crazy!

For me, if someone asks if I have a favorite dessert I will usually say a brownie. Doesn’t matter if it is frosted, has chocolate chips, or whatever…I love brownies. But there really are so many good desserts out there. And if anyone knows where to get the best eclair, please let me know. Right now it is still the place in NYC that we tried that was pretty amazing. And then a place in MA that was dang close.

Do you have a favorite dessert?

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