Home remodel

home remodel

We have been talking about doing a home remodel for years now. We started doing plans a while back and then things happened and they got put on the back burner.

Now we are looking into it again. We contacted our architect friend again and we are hopefully going to come up with something that will work with everything we need. The price has gone up significantly since the last time we looked into it, so that is pretty crummy, but what can you do.

Jeffy is hoping that it is going to be done by next April, but really, I can’t imagine them doing it in winter when everything is icy and/or snowy. I guess it just depends on when we can start on it. We have to take care of a few things first.

It is both frustrating and fun trying to figure out a floor plan though! We are also going to include a spot for my mom to stay, kind of a mother-in-law suite, so we have to figure out how that is going to work too.

Something weird is that we will still have our existing fireplace.. we are looking at options to keep it and show the existing brick upstairs or keeping it blocked off.

Our main goals are to get a bigger kitchen and a big front porch. Right now we basically have a stoop and it is so annoying, especially when it is raining and we have our hands full of groceries waiting for the door to get unlocked. Oh yeah, Jeffy also wants to have a garage, lol.

So, who knows when we will be able to start or if Jeffy will just throw his hands in the air and decide to move to a different house altogether.. But to get what we want, it will definitely be cheaper to remodel..

I will keep you updated about our home remodel!!

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